How to design a wedding album in 5 simple steps

How to design a wedding album in 5 simple steps

Everyone is in quest of sweet memories; they keep us fresh and happy. Living in a fast paced world, we tend to forget our past happiness over a period of time. At this point of time photographs can be of great help. They are integral part of our memory, refreshing your spirits from time to time. Albums are a means to preserve your rich memories. Collection of pictures taken during different stages of your life can be a great way to bring a smile on your face. Among these wedding albums play a pivotal role in rejuvenating bonds. As you go through the album memories evolve making photo albums a prominent part of our lives. With the emergence of technology taking photos and printing has become simple and affordable. Today’s albums imitate a coffee table book telling different stories taken from your life. If you are confused on how to create a dream wedding album, best candid wedding photographers in Chennai are here to give you some tips that can help you down the road.

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Artistic Wedding Photographers In Chennai – The Art Of Creating A Picture-Board

Tell a story: A single photo can express a thousand words. Young couples today are given an opportunity to design their wedding album. It is completely their call on how to tell a story with the photo placement in the album. The first challenge is to choose the right photos that should get into the album. This could be tiresome, choose the most loved photos that showcases you family and friends. Put away the urge to pick every photo you lay hands on. Now create the layout for your story. This is where the trick lies, create small collections of the spread and view them in isolation and group to see if it creates a storyline.

Simplicity wins: Keep the design of your album layout simple and easy to understand. No one can choose the album photos better than yourself. Once this is done bring in the candid wedding photographers in Chennai into the scene. Make use of their experience to see which placement works better for you. Take up the role of a shrewd editor to make some tough cuts and decisions to make the story effective and interesting. Edit the album further till you get what you expect. Number do not matter, even a few leaves can showcase some of the best moments of your wedding event that you love to cherish for life.

Design basics: Photography is an art. Learn a little bit of design to decorate your album. The photos have to be aligned with equal spacing between each photo. The white space creates focus so make use of it in the right way. Top wedding photography in Chennai is qualified to teach you design basics to enhance the album output.

Never haste: Creating a wedding album takes time. Do not rush through it. The selecting process alone may take six hours to a few days depending on the album size and amount of photos to be included. First create a draft and then final the selection.

How to design a wedding album in 5 simple steps

Professional Wedding Photographers In Chennai – Using The Right Tools

Unless you have the right tools, it is difficult to complete the task. The same work with photography. Instead of relying on PhotoShop for creating a wedding album, you can try other tools that facilitate multi-page documentation. PhotoShop is not intended for creating albums. Tools like Lightroom, InDesign can help a great deal. For final touches you can go back to PhotoShop if you find it convenient. InDesign is a relatively new tool that helps to give the most of the layout for your photos. There are other tools also available for free online. Make the most of it. Get tutored before your try out these tools.

With Best Wedding Photographers In Chennai You Are Never Alone

While creating wedding photos it is best to do it with your family and family. The work can be simplified with people you love near you. There is always help around. Pick the right person who can guide you in the process. To the list you can add your wedding photographer. It is they who have the expertise and experience to pull out a stunning wedding album to showcase it as a fairytale wedding.

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