Professional Photography & Videography Services is Our Forte

At WeDid, our team of dynamic and skilled photographers and videographers cover your professional photography needs for a wide array of events. Our major goal is exceeding the expectations of your clients and to give them with images that capture the memories for eternity.

Why WeDid?

We tailor our style to suit the needs of your personal event or corporate event. Our images reflect your style and brand identity.

Our team of experienced photographers and videographers work with you to create a collage of your memories in the most stunning way possible.

Photography is our passion and it reflects in our work. We believe that a good photo is more than the right gear. We innovate and craft images that speak for themselves.

We offer unmatched professional services to both our individual as well as corporate clients. Be it a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, fashion photo shoot we pair the right photographer for the right event. 

What makes our team of professional photographers & videographers?

Our Unmatched Quality

Our images tell stories and capture the emotions of our subjects. Our post production team works with an aesthetic eye to make sure that our subjects remain the focus of our pictures.

Our Distinct Style

We are photographers who constantly update ourselves with the latest techniques and innovative styles. Our images capture a timeless elegance that will stir emotions, even years later.

Our Areas of Specialisation

We specialise in traditional wedding photography, candid wedding photography, event photography, fashion & commercial photography, corporate photography, birthday photography services in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and all over India.

Call us to Click & Freeze those special moments of your life!

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