Capture every precious moment of your Big Day with Top Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Every wedding has its own love story and Indian Weddings are vibrant with a burst of colour and melodies. We portray your unique love story through captivating and utterly enchanting, collection of exquisite images.

You would have come across the saying, “Weddings are made in Heaven”. Now we at Wedid make your wedding images look heavenly. We capture the essence of your wedding day forever. Our images are sure to spark a joy in you whenever you look at them. Our team of skilled wedding photographers capture not only how you looked on your wedding day, but also we strive to capture how you felt on your big day.

At WeDid, we help you remember the most special day in your life as you wish to remember it. Our professional expertise helps you to immortalise the special moments of your day. We create memories for you with our stunning artistic shots and striking angles that capture candid moments. Every time you look at our images of your big day, you relive your memories and cherish how you felt.

Creative & Candid professional marriage photographers


Our team of professional and talented photographers perfectly capture the nuances of your wedding day like the ambiance, atmosphere and beauty, to gift you those special moments forever. At we provide you with the best marriage photography services in Chennai.

We make use of the best modern digital technologies to create photographs and videos that have a unique timelessness. We visually retell your big day to reflect your romance and also capture your raw emotions to create stunning photographs that you will cherish forever.

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Our Wedding Photography Services

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Why you must hire Professional Wedding Photographers on your big day?

Professional Service throughout your big day. No more blurry, out of focus images. Weddings are spontaneous and you need experienced photographers to capture the changing moods and feelings of your big day. Our team of skilled wedding photographers have a thorough knowledge in working with different lights and settings and they help you capture the happy occasion in the best way possible. Do not miss out on the special moments of your big day. Leave the photography in the hands of our trusted professional marriage photographers.

Tell your Love Story with Elegance and Beauty

Have your wedding captured by the Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai

With a team of highly skilled photographers with a great passion and love for photography, you can be assured that we will capture every heartfelt look, tears of joy and sparks of love. Our team will replicate your unique love story on film. We also provide you with pre-wedding & post-wedding photo shoots to explore the candid side of your relationship.

Our photographers expertly guide you to capture perfect shots while also ensuring that you feel the most comfortable while posing in front of the camera. With WeDid, you can be assured of the most personal and attentive service throughout your big day. We take the stress out of your special day.

We are based in Chennai, but are willing to travel to your location to capture your wedding in its own unique setting and flavour. So give us a call, to make your memories last forever.

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