Top Floral decorations used in weddings in Chennai

Decoration is not only arranging flowers with color scheme, but also it creates the stage for the celebration. The decoration is the most noticeable attraction of the wedding ceremony. The wedding decorations are required as they create the atmosphere of the occasion. Wedding decoration is the most essential things which make the wedding photos appewhichar amazing. The couples are no longer interested in done-and-dusted wedding decoration. They want something new, fresh, unique that reflects their personal choice.

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Wedding decoration is a totally personal choice and thus the couple can decide the quality of the decoration. Wedding decoration has a lot of choices which creates the elegant, enchanting and magical decorations. Proper plan for the wedding decoration saves a lot of time and money. Wedding decorations are the major part of the ceremony, so it requires a lot of planning and extra care. Wedding decoration creates atmosphere which enhances the beauty of the celebration, exhibit the bride and bridegroom promoting the romance of the wedding reception.

Professional wedding photographer suggests unique decorations

While planning for the wedding decoration, budget oriented packages come into existence in various forms such as magnificently arranged lighting, melodious background playlist, beautifully draped furnishing, opulent centerpieces and harmonious floral arrangement. Here are some of the wedding decorations by the professional wedding photographer in Chennai which are low maintenance, still beautiful and impactful.

  • Drape the ceilings
  • Pick up patterned pillows
  • Use table lamps
  • Making chalkboard signage

Little fabric gives an amazing look to the wedding hall. Opt for a white fabric to get an elegant and formal look and bright color for a fun vibe. If there is a lounge area at the reception space, cover the pillows with the patterned fabric with festive color. Reception tables can be decorated using table lamps surrounded with flowers. Chalkboards are the simplest way to decorate at the entrance or at the cocktail bar. Customize it with spray-painting on the borders of the board. Drape with a flower or greenery garland in the corner of the board.

Floral decoration for the reception stage in Chennai

Nature is an answer when you are seeking joy in an eco-friendly manner. Round shaped bulbs are hung at different length from the top and vintage globe mirrors of various shapes hung in the same manner are used for decoration. It looks fabulous with perfect light settings. Pink color and bright red flowers creates a rich wedding mood and gives a luxury appearance. Multi-chrome flowers such as Lilies, Rose, Poppies, Orchids and Calendulas are arranged in a contrast pattern giving radiating supple beauty. If the wedding ceremony is at an open roof venue, then bright floral color palette matches the best, filled with lots of natural light.

Young Couple doing their marriage rituals

The reception stage filled with white orchids along with pink colors creates a fantastic decoration along with sound and light coordination. Using orchids gives a traditional set up for reception decoration. The traditional bird, a beautiful peacock are decorated with orchids in the feather’s form. It gives aesthetic appeal, budget lighter and friendly on the pockets. Certain decoration trends never go out of fashion. Crimson is one among them, which reflects culture and tradition. Red color is passionate and rich and makes the venue picturesque.

Advantages of floral decoration at weddings

Flowers are the best creation of nature as they are liked by more people. Flowers are the natural mood enhancer. Colored flower has a strong nerve-calming effect on the people and reduces stress. Flowers are the basic component for the reception stage. They add extra texture, color and feeling to the wedding day. Flowers are the essential part for the wedding with their color, beauty, style and elegance. Flowers provoke positive vibes to the wedding ceremony.

Floral decoration is the essential part of the ambience for any weddings, events, occasions, birthdays, parties, etc. Flower decoration with bright colors such as red, blue, pink and yellow add a special touch to the wedding stage. A good contrast of color schemes and flowers are pleasing to the eye. Most of the flowers give a lovely fragrance and plays a main role in the people’s mood. The floral decoration adds beauty, cheer, happiness and life to the ambiance. Flowers in all sizes, shapes and colors can be utilized for creating the best wedding floral creations.