Marriage photographers in Chennai prefer stunning decorations

Indian weddings are always vibrant and full of life. These are occasions that bring laughter and joy as families come together. Besides being a joyous event, Indian weddings are also highly emotional occasions. A wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration, so it is important to enjoy all the cherishable moments and make the most out the occasion. It marks the beginning of a new era and brings in a lot of responsibilities as well.

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When it comes to weddings in Chennai, people give a lot of importance to ceremonies, rituals, menu and venue. People hire marriage photographers in Chennai to ensure that their best moments are captured so that they can live the moment anytime in the future. These wedding photographers will suggest the best tips to create memories in the form of stunning photographs. This can be done with the use of attractive decorations with garlands and bouquets.

Flowers play a major role in weddings in Chennai

When it comes to weddings in churches, people prefer the Victorian style and decorate the venue with white flowers. These flowers indicate the beginning of happiness and signify peace, sanctity and exuberance. White color symbolizes purity and holiness of the marriage ceremonies, so people use lilies, carnations, gerberas and tuberoses to adorn churches and create memories for the couple all set to begin their life. As a part of the decoration, flowers are used to adorn the walls, dining tables, etc. and make sure guests have a joyous and merry environment. This is important as celebrations should be a part of the wedding and everyone who attends it should have the best time.
Recently, themed weddings are getting traction and are replacing the traditional ones where white was dominant with rainbow colors. As this adds more glam to the wedding ceremony, many people prefer using flowers of vibrant colors to decorate their wedding hall. The common elements of decoration include,

  • Flowers
  • Balloons
  • Ribbons
  • Portraits

People who want subtle decorations for their wedding hall in Chennai opt for lavender, pink, soft peach and golden yellow whereas people who want a vibrant look choose screaming magenta, velvety violet and ruby red.

Couple celebrating their wedding tradition at their big day

Subtle decorations are preferred by many in Chennai

When it comes to subtle wedding hall decorations, the first choice will be to use carnations. The reason is that carnations have a significance of indicating human flesh and symbolize affection and pure love. These flowers are used in celebrations commonly for this reason. Pink roses are not ignored during decorations and also marriage photographers in Chennai do not miss out capturing these flowers. Roses have a sweet fragrance and induce a positive vibe. Also, roses indicate love and used to adorn the venue of the wedding and the garlands of the bride and groom.

Asters aka star flower is also used to decorate the wedding hall. These are called talisman of love. Notably, these flowers have historical significance and there are ancient stories linking them to their origin.

Vibrant and bold décor for weddings in Chennai

Not all will like soft decorations. People who want to have a vibrant and bold décor will not miss using red. The reason is that red symbolizes true and deep love. Usually, red roses are a common sight at wedding or any other celebrations as these depict eternal love and add a vibrant look to the venue. Red carnations indicate good luck and enhance the look of the surroundings. Red asters should not be missed as these depict patience and love and can be seen in the bride’s bouquet. Different colors of fuchsia such as pink and purple are used at weddings.