Best candid wedding photographers in Chennai

Weddings are the celebration of commitment and love for the couples. Wedding is the happiest and beautiful moment in couple’s life. The couples want to remember their wedding day. Wedding photography means capturing and cherishing these wonderful moments forever. Wedding photography is the heart of the wedding rituals. The best wedding photography captures the delicate moments, expressions and emotions. The most important person in the weddings is the wedding photographer.

The wedding photographers in Chennai captures from pre-wedding photography to reception photography. The professional wedding photographer clicks amazing traditional and candid wedding photography. The best wedding photographer will shuffle the images in an attractive and elegant manner, which makes the album look very beautiful. The photographs are lifetime memory which you can pass to the future generation. An experienced wedding photographer possess high technical skills, uses advanced photography to deliver the best pictures to the clients.

Wedid is one of the top wedding photography experts based in Chennai. We have been capturing human emotions, expressions, rituals and traditions in its most natural form all through our 10-year journey in candid wedding photography. We believe in letting you enjoy your special day without being forced to pose artificially for pictures.

Candid wedding photography in Chennai is a new trend

In recent days, candid wedding photography is the trend that is catching up fast. Even though, there is a new hip trend, still traditional wedding photography has many fans. The Indian candid photography is a combination of old and new. The candid photography covers the traditional wedding in a different hue. In candid photography, the pictures are clicked when the person is not aware of the picture being taken. The candid photography is natural and gives a sense of realism. The candid photographer in Chennai goes a distance to the higher level of involvement in taking the pictures.

The candid photographer moves around the wedding place and capture the people when they are going about the wedding rituals. The natural reactions of the people are clicked through candid wedding photography. The beauty of the candid photography lies in bringing out the feelings of the moment through the photos. The candid photographers operate the equipment in a different way and output the photographs with high-quality. In spite of candid photography is costlier than the traditional photography, till it has become popular in recent days.

Beautiful couple looking each other on their wedding day

Traditional wedding photography in Chennai is still in the trend

Traditional photography is the kind of photography witnessed from the past few years. The traditional wedding photography is a formal approach of capturing the pictures. The people are aware that the photographer is taking their picture. In traditional photography, the photographer creates a perfect place to capture the picture where everyone is ready for the best pose. The traditional photography in Chennai gives freedom for the people to get dressed up as per their choice and pose to the picture which suits them the best.

The traditional photography looks plane as the people look straight into camera along with overdose of flashes. The traditional photographer prefers standing in one place and shooting same scene without change of lens. The traditional photographers more focus on posed photographs with standard poses in most of the weddings. In traditional photography, the face and dress are showcased properly. The traditional photographer ensures the album layout is carried out neatly that narrates the wedding story.

Chennai couples prefer candid wedding photography

Candid wedding photography is a set of most natural, loveable and frank moments that are caught on camera. In recent times, candid wedding photography has become a necessity for a memorable wedding. Candid wedding photographers in Chennai make a promise of professionalism and quality. A few qualities of a good candid wedding photographer are,

  • Ability to click unconventional shots
  • Beautiful editing
  • Natural looks of the couple

Candid wedding photography in Chennai covers everything from bride’s diamond earrings, cufflinks of groom, the dress, the makeup, the shoes, the décor, the flowers arrangement on the wedding car, the ceremony, relatives, in-laws, friends, etc.

The wedding album created by the candid photographer will be a treasure for life-long and can be passed on the next generations. The cost of hiring a professional candid wedding photographer will be a bit more than that of traditional photography, but it’s worth it. The best candid wedding photographer understands the environment and adapts to it and understands the gear limits and gives the best results of the pictures. The final look of the candid photographs also depends on the processing of the pictures. Depending on the photographer’s skill, the candid wedding photography provides the best results.