Wedding is a once in a lifetime event, so many will want to have picture-perfect photos of their special day without any glitch. It is for this reason that people will find the best caterer, stunning venue, great decorator, gorgeous outfits and jewelry, and talented wedding photographer. It is important to choose a wedding photographer in Chennai after considering numerous aspects. One vital point that is missed out for years is the analysis of the specific style of photography that the professional is interested in. Well, wedding photography and videography involve a slew of styles including the ones mentioned below.

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Firstly, you should decide what style of wedding photograhy you are interested in before you finalize the photographer or videographer. Remember that only the best professional in this field can capture various styles and blend the results together suiting your requirement. Here are the details pertaining to each style of wedding photography for your reference.

The colorful stage decoration with flowers for bride and groom for the traditional brahmin wedding

Regular wedding photography and videography covers the entire event

The regular wedding photography and wedding videography in Chennai covers the entire marriage reception and marriage. The highlights including bridal outfit to food are covered by this style. It is the same way that weddings are usually captured and filmed to create timeless memories. The other notable style is the classic or traditional style of wedding photography. The traditional style is the dated technique focusing on the family members. It captures formal poses in the classic form. Though the contemporary style is taking over these days, these cannot replace traditional poses that still make their way into the wedding album.

For instance, traditional wedding photography includes even the group family photos that captures everyone in the family in a single shot. This style delivers classic and clean compositions along with a lot of smiling and stiff posing. These pictures will definitely make the elderly in the family happy but is not suited for the contemporary couple who like to have more from their wedding photos.

Candid wedding videography in Chennai is the trend

One of the hottest trends in wedding photography and videography is the candid style. It is also known as documentary or photojournalistic wedding photography. It captures perfect moments that depict the natural emotions of the couple without requiring them to stare into the camera or give stiff poses as in the traditional style. This style of wedding photography or videography will capture beautiful moments of the couple without their knowledge. It captures the couples n a realistic, fun and relaxed way resulting in out-of-the-box photos and videos of the wedding.

Other common styles of wedding videography in Chennai

When it comes to wedding films in Chennai, there are many other styles apart from the traditional and candid photography and videography. Lifestyle wedding photography style redefines the photojournalistic approach by capturing candid moments with minimal styling and directions. The photographer or videographer will know what to focus on and will achieve the same at your discretion.

In vintage style wedding photography and videography, the photographers will ensure to capture wedding films in Chennai that are romantic and mushy. They will create the vintage effect using a film or a medium format camera and edit the same using Photoshop or other similar tools. If you want to choose the vintage style for your wedding, then you need to select the best professional who can handle the same. It is important to retail the naturally rustic essence of the environment instead of editing the same with fake effects. Keep in mind to insist the videographer to use the right film to get the natural vintage effect.

No industry thrives without technology in the current era. When it comes to wedding photography, there is technology in the form of advanced cameras and editing tools. One recent advancement is drone photography. This type of photography and videography gives an aerial view of the wedding ceremony. There are passionate photographers who use these drones with wild imagination. With drone photography and videography, unusual snaps and videos can be recorded. Not only for the wedding celebration but also for destination pre-wedding shoots, drone photography is preferred.