Tamil brahmin Couple enjoying traditional wedding rituals clicked by our candid wedding photographer

As soon as your wedding date is fixed, you and your family members will head out to finalize the venue, choose the outfits and jewelry, invite family and friends, etc. The ultimate idea will be to host a grand wedding that will leave guests awestruck. Whatever arrangements you do will last only for a few days in your mind except for the wedding photos and videos. So, it is really important to have the significant moments of your special day captured to make your day fantastic. If you understand this, you will definitely start looking for an expert in wedding videography in Chennai.

Wedid is one of the top wedding photography experts based in Chennai. We have been capturing human emotions, expressions, rituals and traditions in its most natural form all through our 10-year journey in candid wedding photography. We believe in letting you enjoy your special day without being forced to pose artificially for pictures.

If you want the photographer to capture your wedding as per your preferences, then you need to take efforts in planning the same well in advance. Usually, weddings in Chennai will be vibrant and colorful and the best photographer can make use of the venue and decorations to give you lasting memories. It does not get over with hiring an expert in shooting wedding films in Chennai. The professional should be able to capture the significant phase in your life without ignoring all the items around you. Here, you will get to know what aspects to consider to create amazing memories of your wedding celebrations.

Expert photographers will consider the venue’s design in Chennai

Usually, people focus a lot on the outfits and jewelry to get the best wedding photos and videos. Even the wedding venue is equally important as the outfits and jewelry to add charisma to the album. Well, the design of the venue is very important to get stunning photos and videos in your wedding album. The best wedding photographers in Chennai will focus on waiting for the bride and groom to walk together. When you hire such a professional, you can pose in different angles and create memorable moments at ease.

If your wedding venue has an open lawn or terrace, then you can get the best photos and videos captured by the professional in Chennai. There will be nature-inspired backdrops in such venues letting you get the best shots on the significant day in your life. So, you need to take efforts in choosing a well-designed wedding hall for the best wedding videography in Chennai.

Lighting at the venue in Chennai is important

Apart from the wedding venue and its design, the lightning of the wedding venue is also important. The lighting plays a significant role in the photography and videography sessions. With the best lighting, the perception of the wedding photos will change to a great extent and the photographer need not even mount the flash to get stunning photos and videos of the ceremony. You can ask the photographer or videographer to get an assistant to the ceremony to capture the best shots.

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, then you can prefer numerous lighting options for stunning and lively photos and videos. The common outdoor lighting options include,

  • Beachside lights
  • Gold chandeliers
  • Steel lanterns
  • A fire pit

This way, the expert specialized in shooting wedding films in Chennai will be able to deliver stunning results that you did not even expect. The right lighting at the wedding hall is sure to make your fairytale wedding come to reality with stunning shots. And, you can live the moments even after years, whenever you take a look at the photos and videos.

couple's Casual & cute smile outside the closed shop captured

Effective tips to get best wedding films in Chennai

If you want interesting videos of your wedding celebration, then you should hire a videographer in Chennai after considerable research. You should spend time in asking the videographer a few questions. For indoor weddings, you should ask the cameraman to know if the person can capture high-quality photos and videos.

On the other hand, Al Fresco weddings are getting popular. These are weddings that are warm and welcoming and are inspired by family-styled celebrations and menu. The characteristics of such weddings include whimsical lighting, open-air tenting, elegant and rustic environment, sturdy lights, etc. If the Al Fresco wedding is you choice, then you should be clear with the photographer and videographer and let them know your preference well in advance to avoid any kind of disappointment later. This way, the styling will be as per your wish and the right photos and videos will be delivered.