Using Natural Lighting For Amazing Photography

lighting photography

Would you believe that you could actually take breathtaking snaps with the help of natural lighting? It is totally possible to make use of natural lighting to achieve perfection in photography. The clue is to understand how it affects and influences your photographs. Professional marriage photographers in Chennai are experts in this field. They work hard to bring life to the pictures they click and succeed too. Let’s check on certain methods which will help us control natural lighting in a manner that will aid your photography.

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Choose the time of the day carefully

Handling natural light the proper way does half the trick. Photography outdoors ceases to be a problem once you master the art of managing how light falls on your lens. Though people tell you time and again that avoiding midday sunlight will be helpful, this is quite not true.

The light at this time is just what you need to capture some powerful snaps. You need to learn how to diffuse the light. Try using a polarizing filter if diffusing the light will not be possible. Both these tricks help you to use the midday sunlight for excellent photography.

The light in the Mornings, as well as evenings, provide the softest light. It is during this time that you get the softer shadows which provide the best shots.

Soft evening light will give you chances for creative wedding photography. You can capture and flatter the couple’s features to get everlasting memories.

girl on light photo

Location and Angle of light

The next two important elements which determine the nature of the photos you capture are the location as well as the angle of light. There are mainly three angles to consider for wedding candid photography especially. First one is letting the light fall directly on your subjects. If shooting in the evening as the sun starts going down, you can capture the warm glow of the evening light on their faces. This brings out the hidden beauty in a person.

You can also avoid dealing with nasty shadows beneath their chins as the sun is positioned well below. Yet another angle is focusing on side lighting. Side lighting helps to flatter slight flat, yet curvy surfaces. You can bring in a soft touch to all beautiful photographs taken like this.

Natural light within the house

Window light or ambient light is mainly used while shooting indoors. Window lighting helps create magic in your photos. This is largely dependent on the distance from the light source outside. This makes it very easy to manipulate window lighting. You can say it is a kind of side lighting.
The main secret to why the photos taken in window lighting look extremely soft is due to the fact that the photographer has to stick to using wider apertures than they actually prefer to so that they can capture adequate light to gain a better-exposed picture.

natural light photography with animals


Don’t think that you cannot go outside for photography while it is raining or when you have an overcast sky. Overcast lighting is so much easier and productive to work with to express feelings such as sorrow, bleakness, chillness, coldness, desolateness and much more.You can produce some interesting photos which will be worthwhile. All the above feelings are way harder to evoke and capture in bright sun.

You should always check the weather forecast before you proceed for an outdoor shoot. Check if you can capture the clouds gathering on a rainy day. When you see the result, you will fall in love with rainy days! The landscape is simply stunning during a cloudy day.

Diffuse light

Whenever you find that you are going to deal with unfavorable lighting, irrespective of whether you use natural lighting or the camera flash, the trick to perfection is to diffuse the light available by what is present in your surroundings. E.g., leaves help to diffuse light reaching the light falling on your subject while still allowing direct light through the gaps.

Photography has no fast and hard rules; It brings out the passion hidden in the photographer. Take all your time to experiment with light, locations, shadows and everything else. Ultimately all photographs have to be taken to your satisfaction. You are the master in control!

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