Top Tips From Pre-Wedding Photographers in Chennai!


Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots are All the Rage Now! Say Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Pre-wedding shoots have caught on big time in the Indian wedding scene! Couples all over the country are opting for these fun photographic outings with their significant ones for creating some beautiful memories and some spectacular photos for the wedding album. Here are the many reasons brides and grooms are making pre-wedding shoots a part of their wedding festivities!

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Pre Wedding Photographers in Chennai Explain Why You Should Go For A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot!

1 Giddy with Anticipation

It is safe to say that the engagement period would be the most exciting time for any couple. The thrill of getting to know their spouse-to-be, the sharing of dreams and hopes, not to mention the anticipation of it all – that is what these pre-wedding shoots are all about. Their primary purpose is to document for posterity, the freshness of new love and the beauty of endearing affection between the bride and groom.

2 It is a Date!

Who would say no to an opportunity to have a romantic date with their Better-Half-To-Be, with or without a chaperone? Pre-wedding photoshoots are, more often than not, all about candid shots of the couple as they go on a picnic or walk or some such outing in a pretty locale. So it is essentially an unofficial date for just the two of them – with a photographer looking in, of course!

3 Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer

A pre-wedding shoot is also an opportunity for the bride and groom to develop a rapport with their wedding photographer and the vice-versa, assuming the same person is covering the wedding too. It helps everyone understand each other’s styles and preferences and for the photographers to get a close picture, so to speak, of the subjects, namely, the bride and groom.

Fun Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas from Accomplished Pre Marriage Photographers in Chennai!

Here are some fabulous ideas for your pre-wedding shoots from wedding photographers in Chennai

Go Traditional

A perennial favourite, this pre-wedding shoot is all about the bride and groom embracing and celebrating their culture and their traditions. It is all the more interesting when the bride and groom are from different cultures, and the shoot juxtaposes them together to make an interesting tableau.

Upping The Glam Quotient

Decided to go all out for your pre-wedding shoot? Glamorous outfits and exotic locations, here we come! Create a fantasy world for the just the two of you and see magic happen!

Casual Moves

No fuss and frill and frippery for you? That is perfectly fine too! Dress down, kick back and spend a casual day out with your loved one! Walk in the beach, a stroll in the park, a hike up a mountain – Pick what works for the both of you and make it happen!

Miniature Magic

This concept seems to have caught the imagination of many a couple around the country. Miniature versions of the couple surrounded by larger than life everyday articles – what a delightful idea with just a touch of whimsy and fantasy!

That’s all folks – All that you need to know about pre-wedding photography! So, go over the list of pre-wedding photographers in Chennai, find the right one for you and nail that pre-wedding shoot!

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