Tips for Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event Woes Faced by Event Photographers in Chennai

Corporate event photography can be tricky at best of times! Potential photo opportunities pass you by in the blink of an eye (or shutter if you will)! You feel hurried all the time. You have to take good, clear shots of the goings-on without blocking the audience. You have to be prepared for quick changes of lighting and settings as the event progresses. To top it all, after all that effort, you may not have a single good photo that is worth adding to your portfolio!

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Here are 6 Handy Photography Tips For Covering Corporate Events – From Industrial Events Photographer in Chennai.

1.Early Bird Gets the Shot

Make sure you get to the venue way ahead of time to set up. Talk to the organizers about the various items on the event’s agenda, who the chief guest is, who are all the main speakers. Determine the best position to take the photos from, a photo op area with enough lighting for group shots, if required. All this prior planning will help you be best prepared for covering the event satisfactorily!

2.Blend In!

Dress up a bit to blend in with the crowd! Most corporate events are formal affairs that encourage a particular dress code. Follow it! It tells your client that their programme is important to you and you have the utmost interest in the event’s proceedings. It helps you connect with your subjects easily too.

3.Locked and Loaded

Check and double-check your camera equipment. Make sure you equip yourself with different lenses for covering different ranges. If you are capturing the action on the stage, you would need a long-range lens, so you can stay put in one place and be able to zoom in and get good shots of the proceedings. But for closer shots of the audience, guests or speakers, a short zoom lens is in order.

4.Be Prepared

While prepping, determine what settings will work for which kind of pictures and be ready with them. You will have to quickly change back and forth between many settings as the event progresses. So, be prepared beforehand for such dynamics. If not, you are going to be missing a lot of good shots!

5.Flash at the Ready

Keep your camera flash on standby at all times. You never know when you will suddenly require it. You cannot be fumbling and scrambling around for it on the fly! You will not get that money shot if you are not ready for it!

6.Efficiency is Key!

Make sure you have a quick turnaround time for delivering the photos after the event. Be ready with your edits quickly and send them out within 24 hours, preferably. Otherwise, your pictures would just become stale news in the fast-paced age of social media!

Corporate and Cultural Events Pay the Bills, Say Experts in Corporate Events Photography in Chennai!

Corporate Events can be pretty lucrative photography assignments. Same can be said about cultural events photography in chennai. Chennai has plenty of both! These six professional tips can help you make the most of them. Grab these valuable opportunities and build a good client base who would come back to you for more such assignments. Build a good reputation by being quick and good with your job, and you can be laughing all the way to the bank!

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