How to design a wedding album in 5 simple steps

How to design a wedding album in 5 simple steps

Everyone is in quest of sweet memories; they keep us fresh and happy. Living in a fast paced world, we tend to forget our past happiness over a period of time. At this point of time photographs can be of great help. They are integral part of our memory, refreshing your spirits from time to time. Albums are a means to preserve your rich memories. Collection of pictures taken during different stages of your life can be a great way to bring a smile on your face. Among these wedding albums play a pivotal role in rejuvenating bonds. As you go through the album memories evolve making photo albums a prominent part of our lives. With the emergence of technology taking photos and printing has become simple and affordable. Today’s albums imitate a coffee table book telling different stories taken from your life. If you are confused on how to create a dream wedding album, best candid wedding photographers in Chennai are here to give you some tips that can help you down the road.

Artistic Wedding Photographers In Chennai – The Art Of Creating A Picture-Board

Tell a story: A single photo can express a thousand words. Young couples today are given an opportunity to design their wedding album. It is completely their call on how to tell a story with the photo placement in the album. The first challenge is to choose the right photos that should get into the album. This could be tiresome, choose the most loved photos that showcases you family and friends. Put away the urge to pick every photo you lay hands on. Now create the layout for your story. This is where the trick lies, create small collections of the spread and view them in isolation and group to see if it creates a storyline.

Simplicity wins: Keep the design of your album layout simple and easy to understand. No one can choose the album photos better than yourself. Once this is done bring in the candid wedding photographers in Chennai into the scene. Make use of their experience to see which placement works better for you. Take up the role of a shrewd editor to make some tough cuts and decisions to make the story effective and interesting. Edit the album further till you get what you expect. Number do not matter, even a few leaves can showcase some of the best moments of your wedding event that you love to cherish for life.

Design basics: Photography is an art. Learn a little bit of design to decorate your album. The photos have to be aligned with equal spacing between each photo. The white space creates focus so make use of it in the right way. Top wedding photography in Chennai is qualified to teach you design basics to enhance the album output.

Never haste: Creating a wedding album takes time. Do not rush through it. The selecting process alone may take six hours to a few days depending on the album size and amount of photos to be included. First create a draft and then final the selection.

How to design a wedding album in 5 simple steps

Professional Wedding Photographers In Chennai – Using The Right Tools

Unless you have the right tools, it is difficult to complete the task. The same work with photography. Instead of relying on PhotoShop for creating a wedding album, you can try other tools that facilitate multi-page documentation. PhotoShop is not intended for creating albums. Tools like Lightroom, InDesign can help a great deal. For final touches you can go back to PhotoShop if you find it convenient. InDesign is a relatively new tool that helps to give the most of the layout for your photos. There are other tools also available for free online. Make the most of it. Get tutored before your try out these tools.

With Best Wedding Photographers In Chennai You Are Never Alone

While creating wedding photos it is best to do it with your family and family. The work can be simplified with people you love near you. There is always help around. Pick the right person who can guide you in the process. To the list you can add your wedding photographer. It is they who have the expertise and experience to pull out a stunning wedding album to showcase it as a fairytale wedding.

Predictions About the Future of Photography

 Family Portrait – Making Interesting Photographs For The Future

Predictions about the future of photography

Photography is interesting as a profession or hobby. The art is driven by passion and for years portrait photographers have seen immense transformation in the field. The future has more in store for the art. Photographs are not just reflection of a scene or person, it is a memory, chronology that is recorded for time to come. The emergence of digital photography has given a whole new dimension to the profession. The speed at which photos travel has increased the value of the art. So, what will it be for the future photography? Below is a compilation on what photography has to offer in the future.

Pre-Wedding Photography Chennai – Taking Commercial Photography To New Heights

  • Whether it is now or in the future, quality cannot be compromised. The image viewers are becoming visually literate and have a wide range of choice when it comes to quality photographs.
  • In the field of commercial photography, there may not be a big transformation but more with regard to originality in brand communication can be expected. Commercial photography follows the economy and at present, we are at the beginning of growth period. Brands are able to communicate with the images than an average earner. The role of model photographers is extended.
  • At the back stage-trained professionals are doing everything possible to make the subject look natural and not made up. The location is now easily accessible to the average masses. There will be more demand for imperfect and tactile images.
  • The future is about the first person perspective after all everyone loves selfies.
  • Video will grow at a steady rate in the future; it will be a combination of stills and video. Clients are looking for more engaging content to interact on a day to day basis. The bottom line is to make the viewers feel that they are in the picture or as if they are capturing one. Baby/kids photographer have a great future in the world of imperfect photographs.
  •  The future will see a return of the shooting film style. With digital cameras being omnipresent, expect the return of the craft.
  • Photojournalism will take a new dimension with the creative storytelling taking the front seat. To reach to the audience, candid Photographers have to embrace unique techniques. With the rapid change in the technology, the storytelling also evolves.


Young Portfolio photographers still have a place here

There is always room for fresh ideas and youngsters have more roles to place. The rise of digital photography has made the art very accessible. The youth are surrounded by the visual environment and there will be more people in the market. The modern world has opened a plethora of opportunities for the young people. With the smartphone loaded with latest digital camera, internet available round the clock and the social media adding spice to life, the world is saturated with images.

The Difference Between Actual And Styled Wedding Shoots

There is a current trend that Wedding Photographers in Chennai have been noticing – candid and styled wedding photography. Pretty much everyone these days has seen them in one form or another, be it in a magazine, on the internet, in celeb gossip columns or even at an actual wedding.

Those pictures that seem to capture the perfect moment like when the bride smiles shyly at her new husband just as the confetti begins to rain down, long forgotten relatives surprising the couple or a ring on a book that casts a shadow in the shape of a heart are just that – carefully preplanned posed shots.

The Difference Between Actual And Styled Wedding Shoots

These shots are of real weddings, mostly, but the moments that usually occur in seconds are drawn out so that the camera can capture the magic at the best angles, immortalizing it to perfection. Styled or candid shots are taken when the photographers and clients get together and make a wedding vignette in the form of a video or a picture album, with the goal of capturing the occasion while leaving out the boring parts.

This can be anything ranging from shots of the bride and groom in various poses, a gathering of friends and family, the wedding attire before the wedding in their respective dressing rooms, the way the light falls on the decorations and that is just scratching the surface.

In fact, some families elect to have a fake wedding day with all the costumery but none of the sentiment. While this is no doubt an expensive option, especially if the venue is large and the visitors are many, there are some positives to hosting a fake wedding shoot. It allows friends and family to remain fresh throughout their photo sessions rather than be photographed during awkward moments of the actual wedding.

The Difference Between Actual And Styled Wedding Shoots

From the hair and makeup to the actual wedding ceremony, the full gathering of visitors replay their parts in the wedding right down till the very end, creating a picture perfect scenario that may not have been possible during the actual wedding.

It is typical for people planning a wedding to look for inspiration in the perfect images of a glossy magazine or an online website. It may be impossible to reproduce the exact same look on a large scale for the actual wedding but it is easily possible during candid shots. One of the reasons a style wedding is so sought after is because the financial plans that could limit the extravagance of an actual wedding are mostly irrelevant at a candid photo shoot. Imagine a lusciously decorated table laden with delicacies, fine china and crystal wine glasses. While a single table alone may not cost much to set up, catering the same idea to a thousand guests will be over the top and sometimes downright dangerous.

The candles that seem so whimsical in photos could be a potential fire hazard in real life and the whirling ribbon festoons may prove to be an architectural problem when a child starts pulling them down. Styled photography helps overcome these limitations that these decorations would normally present for the couple’s wedding day.

The Difference Between Actual And Styled Wedding Shoots

They are intended to be motivational. The upside of candid photography is that it can serve as motivation for the next generation, just as those in glossy magazines may have served as the couple’s motivation. Numerous components of a styled shoot can be recreated exclusively and connected to a genuine wedding.

However, by keeping the real wedding simple, more funds can be spent on creating a stylized representation of the actual wedding, something which will not only serve as an inspiration to future generations but will also help the clients remember the happiest moments in their lives through rose-tinted glasses.

At the heart of each wedding is a singular reason. Love. It’s about celebrating the union of two individuals who have found themselves in each other. It is about their families, friends and long lost relations coming together to support them and prepare them to face the good times and bad together as a family unit. It is a day full of smiles and tears, celebration and utterly beautiful chaos and for many people, it is the most important day of their lives.

The commitment and alliances formed during a wedding are some of the strongest and the wedding day could be an imperfect one. Despite all of its imperfections, there is nothing more beautiful than that.

How To Capture Wedding Photos With Perfection


Weddings are the happiest occasions which need to be captured perfectly. Each moment has its importance. As a photographer, you need to capture the emotions exactly and present the best pictures as everlasting memories of a couple’s new journey together. Wedding photographers in Chennai are famous for their skill in photography.

It’s always better to visit the wedding site before the actual date. Then you can get an idea of the areas you specifically need to cover. Every marriage will have its unique traditions and customs. You should be well aware of these too. Then only can you understand the exact moments you are expected to capture? You can also talk beforehand to the bride and groom to check which shots they specifically need. Some of the events which cannot be missed out are given below.

The day before

You and your crew have to be present the day before itself to capture the family moments and customs followed. There will be many rituals followed in every home which is equally important as the wedding. Some guests will not be able to make it the next day and will make their presence felt the day before. There will be celebrations of joy where mainly the cousin groups will be running around playing pranks. You can also expect lots of dancing and singing. These are all precious instances which have to be remembered affectionately.

Morning preparations

On the Big Day, be early to cover all the preparations. The house will be in a state of confusion and enjoyment the same time. These moments will never be replayed. Everyone will be preparing to look their best. At the same time; the hosts will be trying to get their guests comfortable. The Bride will be in a state of nerves with all sorts of emotions. She will be excited to enter her new life and at the same time reluctant to leave the comfort of her home.

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The expressions you find on her face should be captured as such. Take a look at close relatives and you will find an anxiety missed with happiness too. The Groom will also be looking forward to beginning his new journey and may also miss his bachelor days. His friends and family will be hovering around him to see that he is perfectly ready for the big moment.

The invitation cards

Take snaps of the lovingly designed invitation cards which send out messages of the couple’s new journey.


People rushing to bless the couple is always a welcome sight to the photographer. This is a big responsibility too. All the guests have to be covered so that they will remain in the memories forever.

Getting ready

Make sure to capture the dressing up moments. The bride will be in her beautiful dress. You need to capture all the details, however, minute they are. A dressed bride is always a pretty sight. The Groom will also be looking his best. There will be such positive feelings when both the Bride and Groom get dressed and are ready for the wedding. This will surely reflect on their faces and their attire.


Capture the blessings showered on the couple before the ceremony.

The special rings

This requires special mention. Take snaps of the individual rings which will be worn by the Groom as well as Bride. They symbolize harmony, love, joy and peace between two individuals who have decided to start a new life together.

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The co-stars of the function

Parents and close relatives, bridesmaids and the best man, the tiny kids dressed up for the ceremony are all co-stars of the day. They are part of the ride for the whole day. So don’t leave out any of them.

Moments with family

As the Bride prepares to leave her home and travel to the wedding destination, you will get the most wonderful photographs. All emotions will be intertwined and there will tears of joy and sorrow at the same time.

Beautiful moments to capture also include the various bridal poses and the Entry of the Groom.

Save your best shots for the Big moment. This is a moment all have waited for and should be recorded beautifully in your camera lens.

The party afterward or the Reception is a time for delight and creativity. The celebrations will continue till the new couple is off to their world. Till then be their constant companion and preserve their precious moments for them to keep happily ever after.