Predictions About the Future of Photography
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 Family Portrait – Making Interesting Photographs For The Future Photography is interesting as a profession or hobby. The art is driven by passion and for years portrait photographers have seen immense transformation in the field. The future has more in store for the art. Photographs are not just reflection of a scene or person, it is a memory, chronology that is recorded for time to come. The emergence of digital photography has given a whole new dimension to the profession. The speed at which photos travel has increased the value of the art. So, what will it be for the future photography? Below is a compilation on what photography has to offer in the future. Pre-Wedding Photography Chennai – Taking Commercial Photography To New Heights Whether it is now or in the future, quality cannot be compromised. The image viewers are becoming visually literate and have a wide range of choice when it comes to quality photographs. In the field of commercial photography, there may not be a big transformation but more with regard to originality in brand communication can be expected. Commercial photography follows the economy and at present, we are at the beginning of growth period. Brands are […]

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The Difference Between Actual And Styled Wedding Shoots
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There is a current trend that Wedding Photographers in Chennai have been noticing – candid and styled wedding photography. Pretty much everyone these days has seen them in one form or another, be it in a magazine, on the internet, in celeb gossip columns or even at an actual wedding. Those pictures that seem to capture the perfect moment like when the bride smiles shyly at her new husband just as the confetti begins to rain down, long forgotten relatives surprising the couple or a ring on a book that casts a shadow in the shape of a heart are just that – carefully preplanned posed shots. These shots are of real weddings, mostly, but the moments that usually occur in seconds are drawn out so that the camera can capture the magic at the best angles, immortalizing it to perfection. Styled or candid shots are taken when the photographers and clients get together and make a wedding vignette in the form of a video or a picture album, with the goal of capturing the occasion while leaving out the boring parts. This can be anything ranging from shots of the bride and groom in various poses, a gathering of friends […]

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Mastering The Art Of Event Photography
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The best photographs are those that are taken candidly. Not all can become good at candid photography as it requires special skills and training. If you are in the press or an event photographer, this could be an interesting option to try. Shooting for special events is a major challenging. It could be because of the venue or the people you are shooting. Irrespective of the size of the event or the personalities involved it is your responsibility to take amazing pictures. Here are some useful tips specially for Event photographers in Chennai and how to make their endeavor a success. Be a great communicator Before starting with event photography, it is important to coordinate with event planner to understand the complexity of the event. Ask for the event itinerary to understand who are expected to arrive for the event and what is the order of event. It becomes easier for you to photograph the right persons and the right events without missing out anything. Remember these photographs are personal memories of the group, therefore do not miss out on anything. Who needs to be photographed? The event will have key personalities that need to be photographed. A seasoned photographer, it will […]

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Choosing A Perfect Photographer Who Can Adorn Your Corporate Event
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A good photographer can further add glory to your event by capturing the event stunningly. It is essential for the event photographers to be prepared enough for covering the event in the best way possible. Event photographers in Chennai offer a wide range of services to ensure that all your needs are met. The way you choose a photographer adds more value to the purpose. Hiring an expert event photographer can augment the quality of photographs. Wouldn’t you like to cherish the well-organized event which involved your marathon efforts after a decade? If yes, read further to avail the best photography services for your event. Making a wise choice An experienced photographer can capture all the glorious moments with a sharp contrast. If you are organizing an international conference with more than 1000 delegates from different corners of the world, your event photographer can add more significance to the huge accomplishment. Their stunning pictures can convey the essence of your event even several years later. On the other hand, choosing an amateur photographer for a lesser budget can simply ruin the charm of the entire program. Once an event comes to a close, the photographs of the event speak for […]

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