Photography trends of 2018

Like all other creative fields, every new year brings new trends in photography too. Photography as an art form is making enormous progress, and the recent past has seen a lot of talent being promoted. Due to social media and digital technology, there are lots of innovations in all forms of photography. As the year progresses some new trends are emerging in the photography industry listed below are a few of them.

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2018 Photography trends:

Travel photography: Most travelers take photos when they travel to new places or go on a vacation. A camera is a great tool to have to capture the memories and also the place you visit. Travel Photographers take artistic pictures and make even the most ordinary place look fantastic. As people travel more to far off and hidden places, travel photography is a trend that will continue to work its magic both in the commercial as well as the social world.

Colorful is back: Vibrant colors is back by pushing the monochrome to the backseat. Best photographers are those who are making a statement with those vivid colors and making a huge impact using mismatched hues. For a picture to look pleasing the pairing of colors palettes and use a few vibrant colors on a minimalistic image creates a beautiful contrast. A simple photograph can be tweaked to make it appealing to the viewers by adding colour overlays. You can also add a duotone effect by adding a combination shade. There are various editing tools that can help you experiment with the existing content.

Technique Matters: Technique and the thought behind the picture is the flavour of this season. The timelessness of the photograph is favoured along with the quality and the beauty of the image. Trendy photographers in Chennai have gone back to basics and are now creating images that are more real with natural lighting, and with no or minimal post-production editing. The ‘film look’ of the past few years is being overlooked while the focus is more on selective coloring. Technique and timeless photographs will emerge as one of the 2018 photography Trends.

Trends fashion photographers should know

Lighting: Using the light available effectively is an art every fashion photographer has to learn. Best professional fashion photographers manipulate the light that they have to create images that are striking. Also trending is mixed lighting, light patterns that are traditional and lighting that is glaring and harsh is out.

Back to color grading: If the Spring and summer 2018 fashion scene is taken into consideration, color grading has come back to the fore. The peach rose, and gold skin tones are now preferred over the neutral colors.

Mixed media: The popularity of videos are on the rise, and that is majorly due to social media. Photography has been reconfigured with even the leading fashion brands integrating videos with fashion photography. A combination of still and video photography is a big success. Video games that are interactive, cinemagraphs, motion portraits are being used by major fashion brands in conjunction with still photos to make an impact.

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