Mastering The Art Of Event Photography

The best photographs are those that are taken candidly. Not all can become good at candid photography as it requires special skills and training. If you are in the press or an event photographer, this could be an interesting option to try. Shooting for special events is a major challenging. It could be because of the venue or the people you are shooting.

Irrespective of the size of the event or the personalities involved it is your responsibility to take amazing pictures. Here are some useful tips specially for Event photographers in Chennai and how to make their endeavor a success.

Mastering The Art Of Event Photography

Be a great communicator

Before starting with event photography, it is important to coordinate with event planner to understand the complexity of the event. Ask for the event itinerary to understand who are expected to arrive for the event and what is the order of event. It becomes easier for you to photograph the right persons and the right events without missing out anything. Remember these photographs are personal memories of the group, therefore do not miss out on anything.

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Who needs to be photographed?

The event will have key personalities that need to be photographed. A seasoned photographer, it will be tough to understand who the prominent personalities are. Get a list of key attendees or invites who will be attending the event. Google their images and their importance, this way you can easily connect with them when you are in the event. Ensure you do not miss big players attending the event.

No personalized pictures

What to photograph is another major challenge confronted by the photographer. Do not get into any uncomfortable situation where the subject photographed turns aggressive. Also do not click personal moments in the event unless it is called for. Personalized photographs are meant for family events, weddings or any casual get-together, it is definitely not for formal events. Do not try to turn into paparazzi.

Mastering The Art Of Event Photography

Number of pictures

Some photographers do not mind clicking as much as photographs as possible, especially with the coming of digital age. But this is not possible for many photographers, particularly those with less time on hand or who have instructions to picture only a portion of the event. In such case decide on the number of pictures to be clicked after consulting with the clients and based on your prejudice as well.

Test shooting

Test shooting before the event starts is a great idea to understand the lighting and other factors that could aid or hamper your images. Instead of bringing in all the gadgets like flash, lens, diffusers, etc and increase your already heavy backpack, you can go for a site test to shortlist what gears you would exactly need. Being prepared with the gears can save on time during the event and help you click more pictures instead of changing the accessories often.

Be friendly with the crowd

As a photographer, people tend to be kind to you. Take advantage of this situation to click some natural and fun shots. This can please not just the subject in the photo but the client too. Being cordial with the crowd can get you more business opportunities as go on to ask for your business card. Therefore, it is advised to carry a few business cards with you. Find out from the organizer if you could use them as your reference and also if they could manage a review.

Mastering The Art Of Event Photography


Photography is all about detailing, whether it is a church event, corporate conference, political dinner or awards night, remember that a lot of thought and hard work has gone into the making of the event. Now you will be part of the event and it is your responsibility to make it a success. Go around and take a look at the centerpieces, dessert table, registration table, serving stations and others. Moreover the people who are in charge of the event have hired you, therefore ensure you keep them happy.

Being candid

Some event organizers would love to feel the pulse of the attendees. For this it would be important to cover some emotions without the knowledge of the subject. This could means photographing through a door or over the shoulders of a guest. It is not necessary to photograph the faces of the subjects, as some may not be willing to show off their personality. Be wary of what and whom you photograph.

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