Analysing Your Wedding Venue
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Wedding And Photography Matches are made in heaven, but you meet your soulmate on earth. And you have to plan the wedding as per the customs of this world. Your wedding day is a celebration of all that is pure and holy in your life. All of you will want it to be a grand occasion. Cherishing the memories of this day will bring you happiness and joy for the rest of your life. You should attempt to make it a lavish and memorable event. After all, you are going to get married only once in this life. Make it grand Hiring one of the best professional wedding photographers in Chennai will make sure that your memories stand the test of time. If you have already selected a photographer, then you can take their opinion with regard to the selection of the venue. Visiting the wedding hall with your photographer can allow you to make several important decisions. Selecting the most suitable venue It is vital that nothing goes wrong on the day of this ‘once in a lifetime’ event. A gorgeous place for you to get married can make a lot of difference to the joy that you feel. […]

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How Candid Photography Is Taking Over Weddings!
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Candid Photography Is Here To Stay! Candid photography seems to be the order of the day when it comes to weddings these days. We know all about the traditional wedding cameraman and his assistant taking up their position at one spot, exhorting people to stand straight, to come to the front, to smile at the camera, generally making people miserable, or subject some poor, hapless couple to do some ridiculous posing and staging. The candid photographer, on the other hand, is more of a stealth worker with mad ninja skills to be at the right place, at the right time, to capture that right moment on the camera. Close friends or relatives usually take up the task at weddings, but with professional candid photographers around you can end up with a solid collection of beautiful wedding pictures to reminisce over for many years to come. Four Reasons Why You Should Go For Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai! Posing Is Passe! Posing for the camera with a stiff, awkward and self-conscious smile till your jaws hurt is nobody’s idea of a good time. Some people even end up looking as if they are in unbearable pain in the traditional pose-and-shoot pictures. […]

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Top Tips From Pre-Wedding Photographers in Chennai!

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots are All the Rage Now! Say Wedding Photographers in Chennai Pre-wedding shoots have caught on big time in the Indian wedding scene! Couples all over the country are opting for these fun photographic outings with their significant ones for creating some beautiful memories and some spectacular photos for the wedding album. Here are the many reasons brides and grooms are making pre-wedding shoots a part of their wedding festivities! Pre Wedding Photographers in Chennai Explain Why You Should Go For A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot! 1 Giddy with Anticipation It is safe to say that the engagement period would be the most exciting time for any couple. The thrill of getting to know their spouse-to-be, the sharing of dreams and hopes, not to mention the anticipation of it all – that is what these pre-wedding shoots are all about. Their primary purpose is to document for posterity, the freshness of new love and the beauty of endearing affection between the bride and groom. 2 It is a Date! Who would say no to an opportunity to have a romantic date with their Better-Half-To-Be, with or without a chaperone? Pre-wedding photoshoots are, more often than not, all about candid […]

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Tips for Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event Woes Faced by Event Photographers in Chennai Corporate event photography can be tricky at best of times! Potential photo opportunities pass you by in the blink of an eye (or shutter if you will)! You feel hurried all the time. You have to take good, clear shots of the goings-on without blocking the audience. You have to be prepared for quick changes of lighting and settings as the event progresses. To top it all, after all that effort, you may not have a single good photo that is worth adding to your portfolio! Here are 6 Handy Photography Tips For Covering Corporate Events – From Industrial Events Photographer in Chennai. 1.Early Bird Gets the Shot Make sure you get to the venue way ahead of time to set up. Talk to the organizers about the various items on the event’s agenda, who the chief guest is, who are all the main speakers. Determine the best position to take the photos from, a photo op area with enough lighting for group shots, if required. All this prior planning will help you be best prepared for covering the event satisfactorily! 2.Blend In! Dress up a bit to blend in with […]

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Why you should go for a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Pre-wedding photography is fast becoming a trend these days. Couples decide a date and venue before their big day for shooting photographs. The pre-wedding photography is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the photographer who is going to do your wedding photoshoot. It also gives a chance for the couple to understand each other better and spend time with each other. For the photographer, this is a chance to understand the personalities of the couple so that he can plan the wedding photoshoot accordingly. There are many wedding photographers in chennai who are experts in taking candid and couple shots that work well. If you are still confused about whether you must go for the pre-wedding photoshoot, here are some reasons why you should go for one! Photography is another reflection of one’s personality. Therefore, the photographer should be able to capture it well. Also, the photographer should suggest you to strike a pose or take a creative shot that works well for both of you as a couple rather simply recreating another photograph. Therefore, when you choose a photographer make sure that he is able to understand you and any ideas of how you want the photoshoot to […]

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Bridal Photographs that should not be missed on the big day
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Weddings are the most important event in an individual’s life. It is a much awaited day with lots of worries and happiness. A proper wedding requires proper planning and execution. It is a collaboration of both the families along with a professional wedding photography in Chennai. The bride and the groom want to look their best on their special day and the moment has to be frozen for a timeless journey. The best shots: Wedding is a huge gathering of friends and family. It is difficult to get good shots, so there should be a proper planning to achieve this target. First, there should be a proper coordination between the family and the photographer. The photographer should know the family and their taste, the photographer should know the relatives and their importance in the family. Here are some of the best shots that can never be missed: The wedding attire: The wedding attire is chosen after some careful selection. So give some importance to the attire, whether it is a lehenga,kanjeevaram sari or a beautiful gown. Give some character to it and take some candid shots. The various events: Each religion and regions have different customs to practice, they should […]

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How To Get The Best Birthday Photos

Kids’ birthday parties are great fun to watch and experience. You can see the immense joy on your kid’s face when everyone sings, and he\she blows the candle. To capture these moments and to remember this special occasion capturing good photos is important. Each birthday is a milestone, and it’s a treasure you will want to look back with fond memories. To capture those funny, tender and joyful moments on photos is difficult for you when compared to professional birthday photographers. Here are a few tips that can help you.   Top tips by best birthday photographers Pics of prep: First birthday photographers suggest that you take pics of the preparation of the party and the party space. After the venue is decorated and is ready to get visitors its the best time to get some clicks. Many parents prefer to dress the kid in party wear and take pics of the venue before everyone arrives but ensure you don’t tire the kid too much. If you have multiple dresses, you can take pics of the kid in that wear a few days before the event so that your child is not stressed out opines photographers for birthday parties in […]

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