How To Go About Planning Smarter Wedding: Cutting The Budget

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Wedding Cost, A Lot. Be Quirky And Smart

Even before the wedding date is finalised, the ideas that roll through the mind of the bride, groom and family number more than the stars. From décor to food, once the ball starts rolling, there is no stopping it. But regardless of the stunning ideas, the budget of the wedding remains the same. Few of us, if any, can afford to incorporate every desire, dream and wish in the celebration. The finances just do not allow it.

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We know. Weddings are a costly affair, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on all your hopes or cut corners on quality to make it a success. With a few quirky and smart strategies, every wedding can be planned well with a budget. No, we aren’t pulling your leg. It is very much possible with the following practical tips.

Ways To Cut Down The Wedding Budget Without Compromises

  • Your Wedding Décor:
    There are some aspects of weddings that cost more than others. Décor is one of them. Traditional choices eat into your money faster than a caterpillar munching on a leaf. Pick out-of-the-box decorations such as local craftsmen made items instead of branded ones. Artificial flowers instead of fresh ones. Eschew fabrics; it is expensive. Upcycled objects are a cheap and great way to be unique.
  • Your outfit:
    For the bride, the bridal lehenga along with the jewellery make a substantial chunk of expenses. Considering the attire is only once in a lifetime, it is foolhardy to buy something exorbitantly expensive. Some budget ideas are:
  • Look for designers who have a buyback scheme. It will help recover the cost.
  • Get the attire made locally. Choose your design and rope in tailors in your home town to make it. Stitching is far more pocket-friendly than buying off the rack.
    Rent your bridal lehenga, and if that does sound appealing, then buy one and resell it. There are a lot of online platforms that buy worn bridal lehengas.
  • Your Wedding Venue:
    An upscale hotel is expensive, exceedingly. An upscale hotel within city limits is expensive, astronomically. Any couple who has been searching for suitable wedding halls will know this. To bring down the wedding venue budget, look for:
  • A place that is outside the city limit
  • A wedding date during offseason – most hotels, resorts and halls offer substantial discounts
  • A weekday for the wedding. Booking on the weekend costs more
  • A site that doesn’t emphasise on in-house vendors. Catering, décor and other services, when hired from third-parties, costs a fraction.
  • Open ground or hall because their tax components are just ten to fifteen per cent. When compared, hotels have to pay 35 to 50 per cent as tax, which increases the price noticeably.
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Two More Strategies To Reduce Wedding Expenses

  • The Food
    Weddings are known for their food. But did you know that international cuisine costs 400 rupees more than Indian cuisine? That’s per plate and the bear minimum. At the best wedding venues, the difference is even steeper. Therefore, try to keep as many Indian dishes as possible to cut down on your food budget.
  • Your Photographer
    In recent years, one of the most significant expenses of any wedding has come out to be photography. A renowned team can charge as much as 5 lakhs for just two ceremonies. The figure climbs for the more well-known wedding photographers in Chennai. A simple trick in the book to lower the expense is to hire freelancers. You can even choose budding photographers who are working their way up. Their services are not only better, but they work harder to prove their worth.

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