Wedding photography changes face with Sangeet in Chennai

Usually, communities in North India host the Sangeet ceremony but the same has gradually made its way into the south as well. Sangeet is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies that are gaining traction. Everyone prefers having this ceremony as it brings both the families together and creates a bond. Sangeet offers family members respite from the wedding preparations and helps them relax. In fact, the women of the family start preparing for the Sangeet ceremony well in advance and practice so that they can surround the bride on the occasion and sing songs related to wedding and daily life of married women.

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Bride looking at her groom on their wedding dayAs it is a fun moment, it is important to have photos and videos of the ceremony so that there is a lasting memory. Some family members will turn choreographers and others who are dancing will practice for the session with their enthusiasm. Having said that you can hire wedding photographers in Chennai who will capture the Sangeet session so that you live the moments even after years. Only the best wedding photographer in Chennai will be able to capture the best shots at such a lively occasion.

Expert wedding photographers in Chennai will see the light

When it comes to wedding photography during occasions such as Sangeet, it is important to learn to see the light. A good photographer will be able to see the light and capture a shot perfectly as intended. A well-experienced wedding photographer will be able to figure out shadows and highlighted areas and also make use of the brightest part to capture the subject. It is important to have a visualization of the photo. The photographer should see the directions, the light, know the settings and more. To make this a habit, you need to practice a lot of shots with trial and error method.

Expert photographers in Chennai share lighting strategy tips

Groom and Bride entering into church along with her bridesmaids  You should proceed only after reading the venue, scene, surroundings, lighting and d├ęcor. Firstly, you need to ask if there is sufficient natural lighting. If it is not there, then you should move to the subject to a position with better light. Alternatively, you can move around and capture the shot in a different angle to get more light. Though these are simple ways you can capture better shots, these are ignored in many cases.

If there is not much ambient light and you cannot move the subject, you should tweak the camera settings. Notable camera settings you need to keep in mind are,

  • ISO
  • White balance
  • Aperture

You can push the limits by opening up the aperture and adjusting the ISO. You can also use additional light in the form of on-camera flash and LED panels to make sure there is enough light. Whatever option you choose, you need to ensure that you are comfortable in doing the same.

Maintaining the spirit of the ceremony is important, suggest experts in Chennai

Every wedding has a theme or a specific mood flowing throughout the ceremonies. While weddings are generally colourful, Sangeet is a ceremony that is meant to be even more vibrant as it involves mood lighting. As far as wedding photography is concerned, the photos taken during this ceremony should maintain the spirit of the occasion. It should capture the essence of the occasion and the images should be interesting.

Given that events such as Sangeet are lit dimly, this is a major challenge even to experts in the field of wedding photography. It is important for the professional to be creative to capture the right snaps of the couple and make their memories last a lifetime. Besides capturing, there is post-processing, which is very important to get the best results. Make sure the photos are captured in the RAW format for processing as and when required.