Seizing the Best Wedding Photography in both Destination and Local Types

A wedding in a local venue is typical and repetitive choice, which is made in regards to wedding halls or convention centers. Whereas a destination wedding opens up an opportunity for not just the members of the family but also the invitees to enjoy a small vacation that will be remembered well by all along with one’s wedding day. Best Wedding Photography teams are hired to capture these precious and joyous moments spent together as a family, whether it’s a local wedding or a destination wedding. Many wedding photographers based out of Chennai, channelize their work specifically towards destination wedding photography.

Wedid is one of the top wedding photography experts based in Chennai. We have been capturing human emotions, expressions, rituals and traditions in its most natural form all through our 10-year journey in candid wedding photography. We believe in letting you enjoy your special day without being forced to pose artificially for pictures.

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Costing involved in hiring the Best Wedding Photography Team

Smiling Bride sitting in the garden area with mehndi in her hands and footOn a comparative note, it is seen that destination weddings seem to be more cost-efficient when compared to that of local weddings. The main reason being, only very intimate family and friends are invited to the wedding making the guest list smaller and a manageable one. On the other hand, when it is a local wedding, everyone invited will want to be present and not miss the occasion of meeting up with their relatives and friends, making the wedding a right opportunity for a good get together.

From the perspective of a photographer, best wedding photography skills can be brought out in different ways in both the weddings but the cost wise it becomes vice versa. Usually a Destination Wedding Photographer does not charge by the hour but on a per day basis, but he or she will be enthusiastic about travel, new familiarities and innovations. It is also understood that hiring the Best Wedding Photography group and getting them to travel is more cost efficient than that of hiring a local destination photographer from the resort’s vendor list.

Pros and Cons of Best Wedding Photography

The first step to conducting a wedding is to come to a conclusion about the date and location that the bride and groom wish to tie the Knot. Thus deciding whether to have a local wedding or a destination wedding comes into play. Even before this decision is made it is important to weigh the balance between the pros and cons associated with the same and that will help choose the right type of wedding, right vendors, Best wedding Photography company, caterers, etc.

Destination Wedding Photography


  • The pictures shot can create an astounding wedding proficiency at an exclusive and exotic destination chosen.
  • With a miniature vacation mode on, all guests are much more relaxed and mingling showcasing different emotions that can be well captured, making the whole wedding experience a success.
  • Since the gathering is small, it provides a good venue for photographers to mingle and highlight their talent through beautiful candid moments.
  • It provides a scene of more unplanned affair when compared to a local wedding.


  • Cost involved in inviting the Best Wedding Photography team in Chennai will involve a much higher cost than that of hiring them for a local wedding.
  • Right from the team’s stay, food, travel, etc along with equipment need to be planned in being transported to the destination.
  • Duties of the host will have to go a step higher in making sure the Photographers are also well taken care of and their stay is comfortable and made to feel welcomed.
  • Due to the shorter list of wedding invited guest list, the pictured captured during the wedding might not have all the wanted and known people as part of the celebration.

Local Weddings


  • The couple can meet the Best Wedding Photography team in the venue, discuss and decide much in prior the agenda on the wedding day so as to lessen any mishaps.
  • In places like Chennai, photographers get to go in prior to set their equipment in the wedding hall and be ready to capture all the moments right from the start.
  • Misunderstanding and miscommunication are completely off the charts as the coordination becomes much more easier when compared to a destination wedding.
  • A wedding small or large can be well captured involving more members from the photography team so as to capture both traditional and candid photos to the maximum. No one gets left out.


  • When it is a local based wedding, the chances of punctuality in the photography team arriving due to traffic or breakdowns are more than in destination weddings. This thus leads to missing out on any wedding rituals that need to be captured.

Best Wedding Photography’s Common Qualities in Weddings

Thus preferring to host a Local wedding or a destination wedding will eventually come down to what the bride and groom prefers. Selecting the best wedding photography company becomes an important part of the whole repertoire freezing the best of moments of the wedding creating a path down memory lane for the coming future. Signing oneself at different Hotels and Resorts helps Photography teams to be contacted as a suggested vendor from the venue.

Every photography company in places like Chennai has separate photographers who specialize in shooting local wedding photos and destination wedding photos. Best wedding Photography companies aim at making every wedding project of theirs, a dream come true by capturing the most emotional and fun moments during the wedding in both indoor and outdoor venues.

Beautiful collage image of wedding couple with their parents