Professional wedding photography styles practiced in Chennai

A candid click of bride getting ready for her weddingIf your wedding date is fixed, then you might be hurrying up to finalize the best venue, outfits and photographer to make your special day an exciting one. While you have many things to decide to make your wedding special, it is really important to hire an experienced wedding photographer to capture picture-perfect photos. This requires extensive research and efforts. These days, there are many trends in wedding photography, Chennai . To stick to the trend, you should arrange for pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots and styles such as candid photography.

Wedid is one of the top wedding photography experts based in Chennai. We have been capturing human emotions, expressions, rituals and traditions in its most natural form all through our 10-year journey in candid wedding photography. We believe in letting you enjoy your special day without being forced to pose artificially for pictures.

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Professional wedding photography trends are many and you need to know about the various styles that the photographer you are planning to hire is experienced in. Do keep in mind that not all photographers can master all styles. Some photographers will have expertise in capturing artistic shots while some others will capture photojournalism shots. You can discuss your requirements with the wedding photographer in Chennai before you make a decision.

Pre and post-wedding shoots are popular in Chennai

The latest trend, which modern couples prefer to have is the pre-wedding and post-wedding shots. These shots focus on the bridge and groom and portray the love they have for each other. There are modern couples who give more importance to these shots instead of the actual wedding ceremony. The reason is that they will be much more relaxed in these photoshoots and will be their own self without heavy makeup and outfits. Moreover, pre-wedding and post-wedding shots will capture their real emotions without any wedding tension.

The other type of wedding photography trend, which is gaining traction is thei lifestyle wedding photography style. It captures candid shots with minimal styling and directions. The photographers who have experience in this style of wedding photography will know what they should capture and the settings that they need to achieve. Similar to pre- and post-wedding photography, this one also captures relaxed shots that are amazing.

Various styles of wedding photography to choose from in Chennai

These days, there are many types of photography styles that attract the bride and groom. The following are the common wedding photography styles include,

  • Vintage photography style
  • Artistic or fine art photography style
  • Dramatic photography style
  • Adventure or destination photography style

Beautiful candid click of brahmin wedding ceremonyFirstly, photos show used vintage style gives a romantic and mushy feel to the couple. The photos that are captured will be able to create a vintage effect with the help of a film, a medium format camera or by editing the same using Photoshop. Ensure that the pictures are naturally rustic instead of you creating rustic feel by adding fake effects. Likewise, there is artistic wedding photography style that includes artistic props and smart lightning. Only an experienced artistic photographer will be able to understand the presence of artistic elements at the venue.

The dramatic or editorial photography style, which is inspired by modern style involves lighting, dramatic props and arrangements. With these attractions, the final shots will look exceptional. But this style of quite time-consuming and arranging for it amidst the wedding festivities will be nearly impossible.

Wedding cinematography style is gorgeous and preferred in Chennai

Wedding photography is meant to capture the liveliness of the moment. And, these photos should tell a love story. If this is your requirement, then you should opt for wedding cinematography style as it complies photos that convey the love between the couple. It is one of the most beautiful ways in which photographers in Chennai portray their talent.

Notably, if you prefer this cinematography style of wedding photography, then you can get it done at any time such as pre-wedding photography in Chennai, during the occasion and post-wedding. It will actually bring your fairytale wedding come true. It is nothing but a magical memorandum of the wedding occasion and your beautiful journey as a couple together.

The destination wedding style is also getting popular. There are many couples preferring adventurous and destination wedding photography styles. Usually, this style is preferred by those who want to have a blend of documentary and fine art wedding photography styles. This style of wedding photography captures moments along with natural elements, landscapes and architecture at the destination. Apart from your photos, the focus of the photographer will be on capturing the fine details at the destination as well.