New trends for wedding photography in Chennai

A good candid click of bride getting ready for her wedding Wedding trends are developing every year same as fashion trends. The wedding celebration has become more about the couple from decoration, outfit to entertainment ideas. The couples are becoming more personalized than before. The couples are bringing traditional design elements such as linen napkins, silver candlesticks, flower wall, crystal stemware, etc. to give a timeless touch to the wedding. Couples are looking forward to smaller weddings, inviting only the closest family and friends. 2019 has an entirely new range of wedding trends, schemes, colour and themes. Personal moments and luxury elements are the things looking forward by the couples.

Wedid is one of the top wedding photography experts based in Chennai. We have been capturing human emotions, expressions, rituals and traditions in its most natural form all through our 10-year journey in candid wedding photography. We believe in letting you enjoy your special day without being forced to pose artificially for pictures.

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Wedding photography also includes pre-wedding, candid, bridal shoot, couple photography and many more. All the photographs are taken with different theme making it look complete. Wedding photography in Chennai has started a new revolution with social media. Social media has given a new turn to the Indian wedding photography, making it a necessity for the wedding. Bridal photography or Indian wedding photography has been more renowned in recent days. Pre Wedding Candid photography in Chennai is making a considerable space in everyone’s life.

Brand new ideas for wedding celebration in Chennai

This year is shaping up as one of the most inspiring wedding seasons in Chennai. Here are a few ideas to start planning for the weddings. In 2019 weddings, the trend is making use of more rich and bright colors. Colors such as emerald, burgundy and turquoise are seen in every element of the reception and wedding ceremony, including invites, outfits, flowers and decorations. The invitations are the first impression for your guests, so select the best choice. There are so many options available in creative elements, but the couples are selecting the traditional and simple choice for their wedding invitation card.

There was growth in destination weddings in the year 2018, but this year this trend has gained its popularity. In 2019, there is a trend of selecting more of European locations for their wedding. Those days are gone when the bride used fake eyelashes, heavy makeup base and glittery eye shadow. Recent brides show off their glow with natural or minimal makeup. The wedding color of 2019 is sunny, bright, pinky-orange color like coral color. It looks awesome for day and night weddings.

Factors that changed Wedding photography

There are various factors that have led to this change in wedding photography in Chennai.

  • Economy
  • Concepts
  • Demand for artsy videos
  • Demand for bridal photography

Indian economy saw progress after liberalization. Currently, the Indians have education, jobs, money, companies and standard. These have led to a better lifestyle and net income. This gives the chance to travel in and outside India exposing to globalization. The Indians gets to know the importance of the wedding culture in the whole world and emphasis on its creativity. This marks the importance of preserving the moments not for simplicity but for an extravaganza of creativity. As the Indians travel outside the country, they are adopting fresh ideas which lead to modern concepts.

Now, the people know the concepts of editing and how the theme, lighting and videos would look like. People are investing a lot in wedding particularly for the bride, her jewelry, attire, make up and many more. When all the things are at its best, you want to capture the moment to remember and cherish forever. So, they want to prefer someone who is creative, experienced and good at editing the bridal photographs. This reason made the people who had passion on photography to take as a career as there was high demand and the payment was good enough.

Beautiful candid click of brahmin wedding ceremony

Evolution in wedding photography in Chennai

From the year 2000, new bridal photography has become the evolution in the photography field. There are several reasons for this development other than just the photographer and their equipment. It involves the talented artist having lots of patience, dedication, skill and deeper knowledge of technical aspects in photography. It is not possible for one person to handle all the photography. So they make a team and assist a person who has already established in that field.

Each bride will have a theme and ideas in mind that they want to present in wedding photographs. A dedicated photographer understands it and delivers the same as they require. Before, it used to take months to deliver the wedding album. Now, the photographer works fast and delivers the wedding album very quickly. The modern photographers have made advancement in the photo album which lasts forever.