Ideas for mehndi pose for the best wedding photography in Chennai

The couples want to document all the special moments of their wedding ceremony. Mehndi, Haldi and Sangeet functions are the happy occasions that the couples want to be clicked and preserve them forever. While, most of the girls wear mehndi several times in their lives, but bridal mehndi is one such thing which they want to remember as it is very, very special. Mehndi function is one among the vital ceremonies in Indian weddings. The bride loves to adorn with intricate mehndi designs on her hands and feet.

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Mehndi photography is the part of the pre-wedding photographer in Chennai. Mehndi photography is no longer similar to the traditional custom in which the bride-to-be is going to display her mehndi hands and feet and picture is captured with a smiling face. Mehndi photography is more fun and chic. A new cool wedding trend in Chennai is being artistic in bridal mehndi designs. More brides prefer this trend in order to look pretty on their hands and feet.

Photography ideas for mehndi ceremony in Chennai

Amazing tips for the mehndi photographs that make you look more beautiful and will be outstanding in wedding album are given below.

  • Lighting is necessary
  • Colors are the key
  • Say no to heavy makeup
  • Easy outfits

Lighting is important in the best wedding photography. Good lighting helps the photographs to look more beautiful and bright. Keeping mehndi ceremony during the day helps the photographer to take better pictures of the ceremony. Natural light during the day does wonders to your mehndi photographs. Everything from the mehndi outfits to decorations should be vibrant and colorful. When the mehndi function is during the day, it will look awesome when you choose colors such as pink, green and yellow. Pink roses and Marigold flowers create a big backdrop for the mehndi celebrations. Also, wear some floral jewelry with your outfit for making the pictures look prettier.

Beautiful mehendi pose of a bride with a bright smile


Intricate hairstyles and heavy makeup are suitable for the functions like Sangeet and wedding. Haldi and mehndi ceremony are all about dance, fun and being comfortable and free as you can. As the mehndi function is during the day, it is not required for heavy makeup. Heavy makeup will look bad and you will start sweating. Your outfit for the mehndi function should be colorful and vibrant. A very heavy outfit will be tough to handle and it will not let you to enjoy the function with heart’s content.

Steal-worthy ideas for the mehndi photography in Chennai

The cheerful vibes of the mehndi ceremony are happy theme decoration, unusual food, fun games and yummy deserts, guests, mehndi design of the bride and the groom. The best wedding photography in Chennai includes fun couple photos, with parents, siblings and guests pictures and solo bridal poses clicked in several ways. The attractive colors in the surroundings make the mehndi design even more decorative. Capture a few pictures with your pet friends too as it adds more charm and cuteness to your mehndi photography.

The traditional Raja-Rani mehndi gives a victorious sparkle on the bride’s face. Ensure the photographer adds few monochrome shots in your mehndi album. The mehndi design looks intricate and clear in white and black photograph. Pose for the candid photograph while applying mehndi to your hands and feet as they give the most beautiful photographs. Using some props such as flower showers, quirky signboards and smoke bombs add the border to the mehndi function photos.

Tips for the best wedding photography in Chennai

A wedding is the most precious day for the couple. As a photographer, it’s your responsibility to capture beautiful moments and create an awesome memory for the couples. Know the pros and cons before shooting the wedding. Check all the gadgets and ensure that they are in working condition. It is recommended to borrow an extra lens, camera and lights to be prepared for unforeseen situations. It is ideal to transfer the pictures to a laptop to avoid data loss.

As you can’t carry all the accessories, it is better to have another person to assist you to manage the lights, take test photos, clicking the pictures which you are missing. The moments such as first look, first dance, first kiss, etc. should be captured uniquely to cherish forever. The expressions of the family, friends and guests are deserved to be clicked. Capture instant shoots as they look original and rare. The moments of the mehndi ceremony should be captured beautifully to create lifetime memories.