Why you should hire a marriage photographer in Chennai for your big day?

Most people hire a wedding photographer to capture certain best moments of the big day. Well, it is possible to capture but you need to know that wedding photography trends have probably improvised or immensely changed to a great level in the last ten years.
When you ask clients whether they have confirmed the person who will be offering candid wedding photography in Chennai, they would reply yes. They would also state that they finalized as they were referred by their family member or friends.

Wedid is one of the top wedding photography experts based in Chennai. We have been capturing human emotions, expressions, rituals and traditions in its most natural form all through our 10-year journey in candid wedding photography. We believe in letting you enjoy your special day without being forced to pose artificially for pictures.

How most people shortlist marriage photographer in Chennai?

Some people make use of local business directories and get in touch with a team that offers wedding photography services in Chennai.
Some will visit studios like Konica, Kodak and give the job by meeting directly.
Some take get suggestions from wedding planners and some check the website, social media pages and shortlist professionals who provide wedding photography in Chennai.

Whenever couples hire a photographer, the two most important questions they ask is what is your charges? What are the services are included for the charges?
By seeing these two questions, you can clearly frame that people have a simple thought about wedding photography. Is it possible to define wedding photography in these two simple questions?
In the present scenario, it is important to hire a professional marriage photographer in Chennai since they use the latest equipment and click high-resolution images. They aim to click photos that stand ahead and picture precious moments of the entire event. Thus, it remains as memories where you can look and cherish even after years.
A talented photographer will make you laugh out loud, cry, smile and engage yourself in the sweet memories when you see the wedding photography in the later date.

Young Couple doing their marriage rituals

Know various types of wedding photography in Chennai

Reportage wedding photography (candid or wedding photojournalism)
In this type, most of the photos will be clicked from the backgrounds or sides to click natural expressions of guests without requesting them to sit or stand or pose for the picture. It is a famous wedding photography style since capturing such unique moments of emotions and energy of people offers lots of memories. The style will tell the entire wedding events. The best part is you would have been captured without your knowledge. In this style, you need to completely depend on the photographer’s creativity and interpretation of the wedding event. If he/she is experienced and skilled, then they can easily capture the moments of emotions and vanish in a jiffy. Remember, the photographer should not end up taking thousands of pictures thinking to shortlist a few hundred best pictures.

Traditional wedding photography
It is a style where the photographers click images focusing on the wedding couple, the guests and family members. They will thoroughly capture the entire customs and rituals involved in the wedding ceremony. The photographer will behave like a director, suggesting the guests and wedding couples to form and pose for group photos. Some people consider it as an old fashioned style. Only experienced photographers can take pictures without wasting much time in this style.