Candid Wedding Photography In Chennai: The Why & The How

The colorful stage decoration with flowers for bride and groom for the traditional brahmin wedding

More and more couples are choosing modern camera work that captures genuine emotions, moods, and movements of their wedding day. Candid wedding photography in Chennai is the new cool thing, and why not? Flipping through those tedious and cumbersome wedding albums is so passé. Who wants to see hundreds of photographs all in the same pose and same expression? Isn’t it better to have a wedding album that stands out, that captivates the viewer even years after the wedding?

The answer is an unequivocal yes. It is why every marriage photographer in Chennai worth his or her salt is using the candid style of shooting. In this article, we jump into what is candid photography, why couples in Chennai should opt for it, and how to shoot the images.

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What is candid photography?

Just like the rest of the world, candid photography has redefined the way wedding albums are made in Chennai. For a long time, weddings were all about formal camera work. Cliched photos were clicked with people in elaborate poses. Candid photography does away with the tradition. It captures moments as it happens. The natural essence of emotions is snapped through candid photos. These photos are not posed for, and the subject is rarely even aware of the camera.

Why should a bride and groom in Chennai choose candid photography?

In so many words, because it produces stunning photos. A picture is appealing when it shows natural expressions. Since a person is not aware that he or she is being clicked, the expression captured is always real. It means the bride and groom get to showcase their natural beauty and feelings.
Funny, loving, spontaneous, emotional, and adoring, candid shots capture them all, something that is not possible with conventional wedding photography. What’s more is that once they are developed or edited, the couple and their loved ones get a lot of surprises. More often than not, people are amazed that they were captured on a photo while dancing their hearts out or laughing till their bellies ached. These surprises make candid photography a must for every wedding.

Beautiful wedding couple smiling shots at the temple background

The drawback of traditional photos is posing. The couple has to stand in a specific position and then stretch their lips in a facsimile of a smile. There is nothing real about it. Candid photography allows the bride and groom to show their authentic self. There is complete freedom of expression. From a sober bride in Chennai to a fun-loving bride of the metropolis, each one is herself in candid shots.
A wedding is not merely about what happens on the stage. There are moments that are just as special and memorable that happens off the stage. Things like the first glimpse of the decked-up bride, the instance when Jaimaal takes place and when the ‘vidaai’ is about to happen. These are moments which need to be captured without the cameraman imposing upon the people, and candid wedding photography allows it completely.

How do you shoot the best candid photos?

The emergence of candid wedding photography in Chennai has led to many budding photographers trying their hand at it. For all those camera enthusiasts in the bustling city, hopeful of capturing the image of their life, here are a few tricks of the trade:

  • A true candid shot is one where the subject is blissfully unaware. A big honking camera can spoil that. The trick is to shot from the hip. When you don’t raise the camera to eye level, the person doesn’t realise that a photo is being clicked. Set the lens to a wider angle to balance out the weird placement of the camera
  • Digital cameras have no reels. You can capture as many images as you want, till you get the perfect one. This is also one of the tricks to get the best candid photos. When you take a number of pictures of the same person at the same time, at least one of them will capture real emotion and spontaneity. Use the burst mode for this.
  • The secret to candid photos is to capture people while they're doing something. It adds energy to the image. It brings a sense of story to it, and it ensures that the subject is completely unaware of the photo being captured. You just have to time the photo right. Click it precisely at the moment when the person is wholly engrossed in their task, and you’ll have an interesting candid picture.
  • The position of the camera person matters much in candid photography. If you anticipate what is going to happen next, you are more likely to get a good photo. For instance, you are at a church wedding in Chennai. If you know what will happen just as the ceremony finishes, then position yourself strategically, and you’ll be at the right spot to click a photo. Think of where the couple will be standing, from what angle the light will hit them and from which place the best picture will come out. Get the answers to these questions and position yourself before everyone else.
  • Candid photos are best when they involve a lot of people because the shot speaks of relationships. The difference is in the energy and emotion of the image. Therefore, look for groups of people, especially those talking and laughing with each other. Even two people in the same frame are better than a single person.

Candid photography might be new to Chennai, but it isn’t to the world. Artists have been using it for years. The trend has simply bled into wedding photography now, and experts believe it is here to stay. So, why not make it a part of your wedding or any other special occasion. With nary a doubt, you will end up with a repertoire of images that bring a smile and a tear to your eye for years and years to come!