Tips for the best candid pre-wedding photoshoot in Chennai

Gone are the days when couples were made to see each other only on the day of their wedding. These days, with the influence of social media and western culture, pre-wedding photoshoot has become popular. As soon as the wedding date is fixed, people start looking out for the best photographer to get the pre-wedding photoshoot done and start sharing the photos on social media. In fact, this has become a lucrative business and many professional photographers might charge a huge sum of money for a handful of clicks.

If you are a budding photographer, you can also try your hands on pre-wedding photography. But you should be capable of finding the right locations, bringing in natural poses and choosing the right angles. If you manage to resolve these challenges, then you will be able to handle pre-wedding photoshoots smoothly and make your clients happy with stunning photos. Below are some tips provided by best candid wedding photographers in Chennai regarding pre-wedding photoshoots.

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Discuss with the couple regarding the photoshoot in Chennai

When it comes to the pre-wedding photoshoot, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each couple is unique and will have varying ideas and requirements regarding their pre-wedding photoshoot. Some will prefer it to be natural and simple while some will require editorial and glamorous shots. So, the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai will suggest discussing with clients before heading on to the photoshoot session. This way, you will get a clear picture of what they want so that you can please them. Having a discussion either over a phone call or in person will help you understand them and unleash your creativity.

Once you know their requirements, you should start scouting for locations for the photoshoot. If it a casual photoshoot, you can choose a park or if it is a dramatic one, you can opt for an ornate and old building. If the couple prefers a modern look, then you can choose a rooftop that covers the city landscape. After finalizing the location, visit the place to know the lighting condition, the necessary permissions that are required and other details. Also, make sure there isn’t a lot of people coming in as some clients will feel uncomfortable to be photographed amidst the crowd.

Choose the right lens and camera settings for the best photoshoot

For wedding or pre-wedding photoshoots, it is recommended to use a long lens as it can capture beautiful images that complement the subject and the blur the backdrop to keep the couple in focus. Mid-range lenses such as 50mm lens can result in distortion that makes the couple look unflattering and plump. So, it is always suggested to use longer lenses of 85mm or 200mm for wedding photography. However, there is an exception. Well, you should opt for short lenses if you want to retain the landscape as it is.

Moreover, using a long lens will leave the couple relaxed as you need not stand close to them while clicking closeup shots. In fact, it is tough to pose naturally when there is a camera next to their face.

Talking about camera settings, there are a few aspects that have to be taken care of. 

  • Burst mode
  • Shutter speed 
  • Focal length 
  • ISO settings 

If you are experienced, you will know that the longer the lens, the higher should be the shutter speed to reduce blur. If you have not got this in the first shot, you will learn it quickly as you click. Even the couple will need time to break the ice and pose naturally.

Other general tips for candid pre-wedding photography in Chennai

Using the camera flash should be avoided when it comes to pre-wedding photography. You can prefer using natural light. If there is not much natural light, then you can create backlit photos instead of using the camera flash. Using backlight will leave a dramatic effect on the photos and make them look stunning. Also, your clients will be impressed with such photos. The other important aspect is not to stick to the face all the time. More than the facial expressions, other shots such as intertwined fingers or bare feet on the beach sand in Chennai will add a great personal feel to the photographs. These details will take the pre-wedding photoshoot to the next level.