Pre-wedding beauty tips for brides from experts in Chennai

When it comes to a wedding, the bride and groom are the stars of the occasion. The bride always has some beauty standards set and it is important for her to look at her best at her wedding. To ensure this, the bride has to take up months of efforts. Usually, Indian weddings are extravagant and require months of preparation in deciding the invitation lists, wedding date, venue, menu and decorations. Apart from this, the bride’s family have the responsibility of ensuring that she looks stunning with expensive saris and lehenga that will enhance the candid wedding photography shots.

Beautiful couple looking each other on their wedding day

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Besides the stunning and attractive apparel, the bride should also have the best makeup that goes well with her attire. If you are getting married in a few months and want to look stunning at your wedding, then here we list some tips from wedding photography experts in Chennai. Remember that candid wedding photography style will capture your actions live and you will look great if you follow these helpful beauty tips.

Chennai beauty experts will give importance to skin glow

Though there are several expensive makeup options that you can opt for your wedding, the natural glow of your skin should not be ignored. You need to take efforts in the following.

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing
  • Exfoliation

These skincare routines your skin regularly to make sure your skin glows in a natural way and is youthful as well. Basically, a dirt-free and clean face will open pores and your skin will breathe better and this is achieved with cleansing. The next step is to tighten pores with toning. This will reduce wrinkles and fine lines considerably. Lastly, you should moisturize your skin to keep it soft and supple.

As candid wedding photography in Chennai focuses on your natural actions instead of you posing directly for the camera, it is important to look gorgeous and stunning throughout the day. This is possible with exfoliation as it will remove dead cells and keep blackheads away.

Visit the best facial and hair spa in Chennai 

If your wedding date has been fixed, then you need to stay taking up facials and spa on a monthly basis for at least six months. If you do not have that much time left, then you should opt for a bi-weekly facial. For healthy and glowing hair, it is imperative to take up a hair spa session once in a month or bi-weekly depending on the time you have before your wedding. If you are not ready to take up chemical hair spas, then you can try homemade masks that will help add glow to your hair.

Besides hair spa and facials, you should also be well-groomed on the day of your wedding. This is possible with timely preparations. For the same, you should remove unwanted hair on your hands and legs regularly, maintain your eyebrows in the right shape and more. Remember that if you do these right before your wedding, then you might develop cuts or rashes. So, it is important to do these grooming necessities on a monthly or bi-weekly basis a few months before the wedding date.

A toned figure is very important, suggest experts in Chennai

As soon as your wedding is fixed, you might hurry up to carry out crash dieting or go to a gym and do aggressive workout for a couple of months. Though this is a common practice, you should refrain from doing this. The reason is that the sudden weight loss will make you look tired and crabby on the day of your wedding.

To flaunt a toned figure, you need to consult a personal trainer and a dietician and workout for at least four months before the wedding date. This practice will help you shed the extra pounds in an effective way. Also, follow a healthy diet and meditate at least for 15 minutes in a day to reduce stress.