Latest Trends in Wedding Photography in Chennai

Are you getting married in 2019? Thinking to hire a company who has experience in candid wedding photography in Chennai? Well, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the latest photography trends which will help you in designing your own wedding album. It is an old trend for couples to pose only for formal group photos and family photos. The latest trend is clicking digital photos and utilizing photographic reels. Wedding photography has developed over the years.
Due to fast technological advancements, the photography industry has seen several variations in the marriage industry.

Christian couple enters church accompanied by bridesmaids and groomsman

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It is recommended to stay updated with the latest trends so as to make a difference in obtaining beautiful shots clicked by a professional marriage photographer in Chennai. We have listed below the latest trends to gain inspiration for getting an exclusive wedding album.

Latest trend to follow while choosing wedding photography in Chennai

White and black images: In the previous years, white and black images were used for artistic shots. The trend has changed now. Experts feel that the majority of couples choose for white and black images for wedding photography. Such images are popular since it lets the viewers to focus on the moment captured.
Genuine candid shots: Gone were the days where photographers capture images utilizing a film with an aim to capture the first shot in the best manner. When you see the printed photos, you can easily find out that everyone is posing. After the suppleness of digital medium in recent years, there is no limit to the measure of shots that can be shot. It is the reason more couples are preferring digital photography. The photographers can click shots with natural expression throughout the big day without any restriction.
Exotic location shoots: This trend has been popular since 2018. It has chances to be in trend for a long time. Several couples are willing to travel to beautiful destinations for clicking the best pre-wedding photoshoots. The breathtaking locations aid in developing the structure and capture impressive images. The environment of the new location is important in setting the attitude and thus helps in clicking amazing shots.

Groom holding bride hands during an Indian brahmin wedding Kanyadaan ritual

Social media incorporated photo booths: Do you want to make your wedding photo totally Instagram worthy? Well, the latest trend is utilizing social media incorporated photo booths. It means photo booths are integrated with social media networks like Instagram. The guests can instantly click photos and upload on a social media page. This trend is expected to be famous in 2019 and beyond especially when couples hire marriage photographer in Chennai.
Selfie shots: Techy couples are installing selfie stations right at the wedding venues. The selfie stations have a picturesque background so that the guests can click a selfie with the bride and groom while attending the wedding function. Talented wedding photographers in Chennai easily capture several fun moments of the friends, family, and invitees taking selfies by utilizing a phone camera or selfie stick. As such shots are gaining popularity, the trend will surely continue even in the following years.