Knowing About Wedding Photography Charges In Chennai

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Wedding photography is given significant importance as it creates a memory of your special day. People choose wedding photographers based on their expertise and cost. It is, of course, worthy of hiring a good wedding photographer for your wedding even if the total cost for the service seems to be expensive. Professional wedding photographers work hard to create memories of your big day. There are various aspects of wedding photography that influence wedding photography charges. You must also be aware of the different wedding photography packages offered in Chennai. The photography charge also varies based on the style of wedding photography you choose. Candid photography in Chennai is more popular for people who prefer modern weddings. The cost of candid wedding photography in Chennai and other popular cities is a bit expensive compared to other photography styles.

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Here you would have a clear understanding of the different aspects that influence the wedding photography charges. You would also know about the popular wedding photography packages offered by popular wedding photography services in Chennai.

Various factors influence the cost of wedding photography services. The following are the factors that influence the cost of wedding photography.

Wedding Photography Styles

There are various wedding photography styles which are gaining popularity in recent years. A couple can choose a wedding style based on their personal choice and budget. Thus the wedding style would influence the wedding photography charges.
Traditional Still Photography And Videography: This is the traditional wedding photography style often practiced in most of the traditional weddings. Couples and guests are informed that they are about to be clicked. They are asked to pose before the camera. The photographer is positioned in a fixed position to take snaps of the couple. Traditional videography is nothing but shooting the entire happening of the wedding in a traditional style.
Candid Photography: Couples who are bored with traditional style wedding photography go for candid photography. This is a wedding photography style which captures spontaneous reactions and emotions of the couple and guests of the wedding. It is a modern wedding photography style where the photographer keeps on moving along with the subject to shoot amazing pictures.
Drone Photography: This type of photography style would help to capture the happenings of your wedding in the aerial view. This is a sophisticated wedding photography style, which is a bit expensive. Real-time images can be captured with drones fly.
The charges of wedding photography vary based on the style of the wedding photography mentioned above.


It is possible to customize the wedding photography service based on the preference of the couple. You can also customize the wedding photography service based on your budget. You can customize the wedding photography package so as to reduce the overall cost.


The shooting time spent by the photographer during the wedding decides the charge of the wedding photography service. A typical wedding photography session is about 8 hours. Increasing the hours would cost you more for the service.

Number Of Guests

When you have a huge crowd for your wedding, then this ultimately increases the cost of the wedding photography services. A large scale wedding would require an additional photographer, and you would be charged more for the same.

Wedding Album

When you order for a wedding album of your wedding, then the wedding photography charge would increase. The type of album, the material of the album cover, the number of photos included decides the total cost of the photography service.

Expertise Of Wedding Photographers

When you hire a professional and highly experienced photographer, then you may be charged high for their service. This is because the quality of their work would be perfect. The wedding photography cost shoots up when you hire a reputed wedding photographer for your wedding.

Pre/Post Wedding Photography

When you wish to go for pre and post-wedding photography, then the total cost of the photography service would increase. Photography sessions of your engagement, outdoor photos, etc. are the extra services offered for an additional charge.


This is the background work done with the photos captured during the wedding. Professionals make use of the right technology and software tools to enhance the quality of your wedding photos. This process would cost you more.

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The type of photography equipment used by your professional wedding photographer decides the cost of the photography service. A couple who wish to capture high-resolution wedding pictures should hire photographers who make use of latest and high-quality camera and equipment. This would add up to the total cost of the wedding photography service.

Wedding Photography Charges In Chennai

Wedding photography charges vary based on certain factors and services offered. People indeed spend nearly 10% of their total wedding expenses on wedding photography. Some might feel that spending more money on wedding photography is unnecessary. But it is a worthy investment as wedding photographs would help to create memories of your wedding that can be cherished forever. An average wedding photography service cost in Chennai is about Rs.1, 00,000. There are wedding photography packages that range from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 3,00,000. Here you would understand about the different wedding photography packages offered by popular wedding photography services.

Budget Package

This is a low-cost wedding photography package which includes limited photography services. This mostly comprises traditional photography and videography services. The price range of this package is about Rs.35, 000 to Rs.Rs.50, 000.

Popular Package

This most preferred package of couples as it includes some of the finest quality wedding photography services. When couples choose this package, they get to work with professional and experienced photographers. They also make use of high-end cameras and other related equipment. This price range of this package ranges from Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.3,00,000.

Premium Package

This is an expensive package which is offered based on the customization of the couple. The wedding pictures of this package look unique and special.
The above are some of the aspects of wedding photography and the factors that affect the charge of wedding photography.