Capturing Emotions of Diverse Invitees through Candid Wedding Photography

In a fun filled Indian Weddings, there are people who come just to enjoy the complete extravaganza without paying for it all. Beautifully clothed, wonderful place, delicious food along with people moving to the beats and having fun, is a place one would love to be if invited. Thus an Indian Wedding becomes a place filled with wide-ranging enjoyment and amusement. Thus this becomes the best place for a wedding photographer to have enough and more opportunities to showcase his Candid Wedding Photography Style in capturing different types of people who attend the wedding. An Indian wedding is one place that which guarantees a number of events that can be caught with a camera.

Wedid is one of the top wedding photography experts based in Chennai. We have been capturing human emotions, expressions, rituals and traditions in its most natural form all through our 10-year journey in candid wedding photography. We believe in letting you enjoy your special day without being forced to pose artificially for pictures.

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Here is an introduction to the role that candid wedding photography plays in capturing the different types of invitees those who attend Indian weddings. A number of wedding photographers in Chennai are becoming quite famous for the same.

Couple celebrating their wedding tradition at their big day

Candid Wedding Photography – Different people Different Styles

The Foodie

One can find guests who are more interested in Food rather than the wedding or its events itself. One is there for all the food that can be consumed for free. They wait for the time when each serving hits the dining place so as to be the first to be there. Their likes and dislikes for each dish can be well captured with their comparison of different weddings attended to that of the food served in each. They showcase a profound understanding of each food served. Many guests choose whether or not to attend the wedding depending on the place. For example a person would never say no to attending a Chennai based wedding, not only for the wedding food but also to visit all the famous joints for food in and around the city.

The Stylishly Dressed

For a Candid Wedding Photography team it is a treat when the wedding hall is filled with people all decked up. Every attendee takes weddings as the right opportunity to dress and be their best for another to notice. There will be a distinguished fashion statements from every individual as they would want to be noticed, especially women. There wouldn’t be even one wedding where women do not talk to each other about the attire or jewellery they are wearing along with free fashion advice.

Candid Wedding Photography - Rocking Class of Chennai weddings

The Wisenheimer

There is always a group of aunties who wait for some rumor or gossip to spread, or wait to show off oneself as the Know-it-all. If one introduces oneself as single, they become official matchmakers. Next comes the ones who are married with no children, they receive all the advice in the world of the importance of having a family. They become solution-providers to all and also the biggest broadcaster of news during the wedding. They are a real treat to Candid Wedding Photography people as they too fall prey many times. Chennai weddings have seen most of them.

The Selfie Culture

No wedding is complete without people engaged in taking their own Selfie or a group standing at different places taking selfies. The fun aspect in Candid Wedding Photography is to also capture someone clicking pictures of their own self. Certain Chennai based photographers are accompanied specifically to shoot such instances, as the room will be filled with Selfie cultured people, right from the tiniest to the oldest. Nowadays the trend is to capture the selfies taken by friends with the bride and groom in Candid form.

Candid Wedding Photography – The Real Mover

Dance like there is no Tomorrow

Every Indian wedding follows different cultures even when it comes to having some fun through dance and music. Capturing different individuals dancing at freewill as though there is no tomorrow is very eye-catching. Some of the moves that people have can be hilarious but it becomes the move of a lifetime when captured through Candid Wedding Photography in Chennai.

The Independence that a candid photographer gets in an Indian Wedding is so much that every emotion can be captured freezing that moment as a memory for years to come. No Indian wedding is fun if it’s too tight-laced. Capturing the imperfect personalities with all the drama and making a memory of a lifetime is Candid Wedding Photography.