Best tips to improve your wedding photography in Chennai

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Before the wedding, make a legal contract with the couple to ensure you receive payment on that day and at the time of final delivery. As a wedding photographer, it is better to visit the venue beforehand and make a plan in the head for going to the wedding. Schedule the time for quicker moments such as sparklers, bouquet toss, and cake cut as these moments get over in a flash. Carrying a few things like a ring box, a nice hanger or an empty photograph frame benefits the creativity of your photograph.

Wedid is one of the top wedding photography experts based in Chennai. We have been capturing human emotions, expressions, rituals and traditions in its most natural form all through our 10-year journey in candid wedding photography. We believe in letting you enjoy your special day without being forced to pose artificially for pictures.

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Preparation is the most important tricks for the best wedding photography in Chennai. Being one step forward is an advantage and provides you to capture wonderful moments the entire day. Blank memory cards, spare batteries, and backup plans are the essentials for every eventuality. It is recommended to take some form of backup gear for the camera to a wedding.

Ensure to have public liability insurance that covers you on the wedding day if something goes wrong. Consider shooting a fake wedding couple to practice posing techniques, build up some portfolio pictures and attract the clients. It is the best way to experiment with new methods and to build confidence for wedding photography. Knowing wedding photographers in your locality is the best way to have second photographers for free. Many modern cameras such as the Nikon D750 or the Canon 5D have dual card slots which means the picture is stored in two cards. This occupies lots of space, so it’s better to have more memory cards of 100gbs on one camera.

Tips for upgrading wedding photography in Chennai

Every wedding requires crowd control while capturing family group photographs. So, it is better to nominate a family member to organize the people. It is not required to rush as you will end up missing moments to capture at the wedding. Plan properly, compose and check the shots well. Small details of the couple spent together should be photographed. No doubt, the couples will appreciate small things like rings, details, flowers, dress details, table setting, and many more. Moreover, these photographs are used to narrate the story of the wedding. It is a great idea to shot a few pictures of the bride. The bride spends more time on hair and makeup to look pretty during the wedding, so capture a variety of different photographs from various angles.

Hiring a second photographer can split up the shots of the wedding. One captures the candid pictures of guests while the other can work on formal photos. This increases coverage and very helpful in large weddings. Keep an eye on little things of affection. The couples like to see the photographs in their wedding album that are unexpected and spontaneous. Stand front during the ceremony to capture intimate pictures of the couples exchanging rings, vows, kisses, etc. It also allows you to shot the emotional reactions of the guests. Consider having the backgrounds clean and clutter-free as it gives the photographs to look great. Distractions in photographs can be resolved by just getting closer to the camera.

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Wedding photography tricks that will blow your mind

Being the best wedding photographers in Chennai is not just capturing great photographs. It is also to be happy with the couple so that they feel relax and comfortable with you. These conditions will produce the best environment for capturing awesome wedding pictures. Digital photography is beautiful as we can convert the files into black and white at later stages. When you deliver the photographs to the couple, ask them to refer you for the wedding photography. This is the best way to acquire bookings with other clients. The quicker you do editing and deliver photograph, couples will be happy and refer you to their friends and family. It also shows you care about their wedding.

Always aim to deliver the photographs to the same standard to which the couples have booked. The best way to keep the couples happy is to send some preview pictures of their wedding. Drop an email and express your enjoyment of the wedding and update them when the final photographs will be complete. This way you can keep the couples in your loop. Additionally, when the couples share the pictures on Facebook it can be great for referrals. The best candid wedding photographers in Chennai aim to balance the natural beauty and real emotion in every photograph.
in Chennai claiming to meet all the requirements of the clients. But the sad reality is that the term candid wedding photography is the most abused one right now as many people claim to be experts of this style.