Capture your Raw Emotions & Unbridled Love With the best Candid Photographers in Chennai

We love telling stories. But we tell them with our pictures. Stories that evoke warm feelings of love, make you jump up with joy, help you relive those moments that are an integral part of you, moments that bring a tear of joy every time, stories that touch you and bring a smile on your lips.

We are a team of young enthusiastic candid photographers, who are always looking out for new ways to tell our stories. A wedding can be both overwhelming as well as daunting. We take the stress away and present you with images that will be cherished forever.

" Have you ever felt the burden of carrying forced smiles and poses in front of a camera? Have you felt like running away from the lens forever? Put your fears to rest. "

Candid Photography is all about capturing moments as they are. Our team of photographers are trained to capture the vibe of your wedding or event. We strive to capture the unique essence of each of our subjects in our images. So no more strained smiles, holding artificial poses while you face the lens. You’ll never hear our team of photographers saying Cheese. Each and every moment is authentic and nothing is staged.

Candid Photography & Videography to Capture special moments on your Big Day

Why You Must Hire Candid Marriage Photographers In Chennai?

💕  Candid wedding photographers in Chennai click candid shots that come with their own unique charm. They capture all those fleeting moments – joy, love, adoration, amusement, romance on film for eternity. 

💕  Candid photography for marriages captures the expressions that you may otherwise miss out with the hustle and bustle of the occasion.

💕  Candid photographers are specialised in grasping the moment as and when it occurs and capture it in the best light.

💕  Unexpected pictures from wedding bring out exactly how you felt on your big day.

💕  It helps capture your true essence and bring out your inner you.

💕  No fake poses, no strained smiles, no set up and of course no stress.

Relive your Special Moments All Over Again, With our Candid Photography in Chennai

We offer our candid photography services in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and all over India. If you are based out of these cities, no worries, we can to travel to your place, to capture your special story in its own setting. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and call us to capture the candid moments at your wedding. We would love to be part of your special day and promise to capture your love for each other forever.

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