How Candid Photography Is Taking Over Weddings!

Candid Photography Is Here To Stay!

Candid photography seems to be the order of the day when it comes to weddings these days. We know all about the traditional wedding cameraman and his assistant taking up their position at one spot, exhorting people to stand straight, to come to the front, to smile at the camera, generally making people miserable, or subject some poor, hapless couple to do some ridiculous posing and staging.

The candid photographer, on the other hand, is more of a stealth worker with mad ninja skills to be at the right place, at the right time, to capture that right moment on the camera. Close friends or relatives usually take up the task at weddings, but with professional candid photographers around you can end up with a solid collection of beautiful wedding pictures to reminisce over for many years to come.

Four Reasons Why You Should Go For Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai!

Posing Is Passe!

Posing for the camera with a stiff, awkward and self-conscious smile till your jaws hurt is nobody’s idea of a good time. Some people even end up looking as if they are in unbearable pain in the traditional pose-and-shoot pictures. Not to mention, the deer-caught-in-headlights look thanks to the blinding lights that traditional photographers love to log around. As a result, people are open to ideas that would make the wedding album to be more than a collection of the same old boring poses.

Emotional Atyachaar

A wedding is all about emotions – The love, joy, and hope in the eyes of the bride and groom, the anticipation and excitement of a new beginning, the fun and revelry of good times with friends and loved ones, the bittersweet pangs of separation from family. Traditional photography would never be able to capture them in their pre-occupation with staged photos. Which is why a candid photographer is good to have at hand at a wedding

Au Naturel

Natural expressions make for the best photos! Capturing those perfect moments that reflect the moods and emotions that people go through at weddings make for priceless memories. The bridal glow, the bashful groom, a mother’s happy tears, the playful little sister’s antics, none of these moments should be missed!

Spontaneous Reaction

Things are always happening at a wedding. The various ceremonies and rituals that are the cornerstone of Indian weddings occur one after another like clockwork. So it is up to the photographers to be on their toes and have their wits about them to make sure they do not miss out on those spontaneous, fleeting moments that capture the essence of the union taking place at the wedding.

Here Are Some Practices That The Best Candid photographers In Chennai Swear By!

Many wedding photographers in Chennai are now making a mark with their candid photography skills. They meet with the couple before the wedding and build a quick rapport with them to maximize the comfort factor. They get to know the principal players at the wedding and the who’s who of both their families, to cover them all in their sights at the wedding. They have to be unobtrusive and blend in with the background to be able to capture the most unguarded, candid moments.

If you can find such a photographer to cover your wedding, you can be sure of getting a beautiful wedding album for the ages!

Top Tips From Pre-Wedding Photographers in Chennai!

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots are All the Rage Now! Say Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Pre-wedding shoots have caught on big time in the Indian wedding scene! Couples all over the country are opting for these fun photographic outings with their significant ones for creating some beautiful memories and some spectacular photos for the wedding album. Here are the many reasons brides and grooms are making pre-wedding shoots a part of their wedding festivities!

Pre Wedding Photographers in Chennai Explain Why You Should Go For A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot!

1 Giddy with Anticipation

It is safe to say that the engagement period would be the most exciting time for any couple. The thrill of getting to know their spouse-to-be, the sharing of dreams and hopes, not to mention the anticipation of it all – that is what these pre-wedding shoots are all about. Their primary purpose is to document for posterity, the freshness of new love and the beauty of endearing affection between the bride and groom.

2 It is a Date!

Who would say no to an opportunity to have a romantic date with their Better-Half-To-Be, with or without a chaperone? Pre-wedding photoshoots are, more often than not, all about candid shots of the couple as they go on a picnic or walk or some such outing in a pretty locale. So it is essentially an unofficial date for just the two of them – with a photographer looking in, of course!

3 Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer

A pre-wedding shoot is also an opportunity for the bride and groom to develop a rapport with their wedding photographer and the vice-versa, assuming the same person is covering the wedding too. It helps everyone understand each other’s styles and preferences and for the photographers to get a close picture, so to speak, of the subjects, namely, the bride and groom.

Fun Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas from Accomplished Pre Marriage Photographers in Chennai!

Here are some fabulous ideas for your pre-wedding shoots from wedding photographers in Chennai:

Go Traditional

A perennial favourite, this pre-wedding shoot is all about the bride and groom embracing and celebrating their culture and their traditions. It is all the more interesting when the bride and groom are from different cultures, and the shoot juxtaposes them together to make an interesting tableau.

Upping The Glam Quotient

Decided to go all out for your pre-wedding shoot? Glamorous outfits and exotic locations, here we come! Create a fantasy world for the just the two of you and see magic happen!

Casual Moves

No fuss and frill and frippery for you? That is perfectly fine too! Dress down, kick back and spend a casual day out with your loved one! Walk in the beach, a stroll in the park, a hike up a mountain – Pick what works for the both of you and make it happen!

Miniature Magic

This concept seems to have caught the imagination of many a couple around the country. Miniature versions of the couple surrounded by larger than life everyday articles – what a delightful idea with just a touch of whimsy and fantasy!

That’s all folks – All that you need to know about pre-wedding photography! So, go over the list of pre-wedding photographers in Chennai, find the right one for you and nail that pre-wedding shoot!

Tips for Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event Woes Faced by Event Photographers in Chennai

Corporate event photography can be tricky at best of times! Potential photo opportunities pass you by in the blink of an eye (or shutter if you will)! You feel hurried all the time. You have to take good, clear shots of the goings-on without blocking the audience. You have to be prepared for quick changes of lighting and settings as the event progresses. To top it all, after all that effort, you may not have a single good photo that is worth adding to your portfolio!

Here are 6 Handy Photography Tips For Covering Corporate Events – From Industrial Events Photographer in Chennai.

1.Early Bird Gets the Shot

Make sure you get to the venue way ahead of time to set up. Talk to the organizers about the various items on the event’s agenda, who the chief guest is, who are all the main speakers. Determine the best position to take the photos from, a photo op area with enough lighting for group shots, if required. All this prior planning will help you be best prepared for covering the event satisfactorily!

2.Blend In!

Dress up a bit to blend in with the crowd! Most corporate events are formal affairs that encourage a particular dress code. Follow it! It tells your client that their programme is important to you and you have the utmost interest in the event’s proceedings. It helps you connect with your subjects easily too.

3.Locked and Loaded

Check and double-check your camera equipment. Make sure you equip yourself with different lenses for covering different ranges. If you are capturing the action on the stage, you would need a long-range lens, so you can stay put in one place and be able to zoom in and get good shots of the proceedings. But for closer shots of the audience, guests or speakers, a short zoom lens is in order.

4.Be Prepared

While prepping, determine what settings will work for which kind of pictures and be ready with them. You will have to quickly change back and forth between many settings as the event progresses. So, be prepared beforehand for such dynamics. If not, you are going to be missing a lot of good shots!

5.Flash at the Ready

Keep your camera flash on standby at all times. You never know when you will suddenly require it. You cannot be fumbling and scrambling around for it on the fly! You will not get that money shot if you are not ready for it!

6.Efficiency is Key!

Make sure you have a quick turnaround time for delivering the photos after the event. Be ready with your edits quickly and send them out within 24 hours, preferably. Otherwise, your pictures would just become stale news in the fast-paced age of social media!

Corporate and Cultural Events Pay the Bills, Say Experts in Corporate Events Photography in Chennai!

Corporate Events can be pretty lucrative photography assignments. Same can be said about cultural events photography in chennai. Chennai has plenty of both! These six professional tips can help you make the most of them. Grab these valuable opportunities and build a good client base who would come back to you for more such assignments. Build a good reputation by being quick and good with your job, and you can be laughing all the way to the bank!

Why you should go for a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Pre-wedding photography is fast becoming a trend these days. Couples decide a date and venue before their big day for shooting photographs. The pre-wedding photography is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the photographer who is going to do your wedding photoshoot. It also gives a chance for the couple to understand each other better and spend time with each other. For the photographer, this is a chance to understand the personalities of the couple so that he can plan the wedding photoshoot accordingly. There are many wedding photographers in chennai who are experts in taking candid and couple shots that work well. If you are still confused about whether you must go for the pre-wedding photoshoot, here are some reasons why you should go for one!

Photography is another reflection of one’s personality. Therefore, the photographer should be able to capture it well. Also, the photographer should suggest you to strike a pose or take a creative shot that works well for both of you as a couple rather simply recreating another photograph. Therefore, when you choose a photographer make sure that he is able to understand you and any ideas of how you want the photoshoot to be. Unless you feel comfortable with the photographer, you can’t strike a pose in front of the camera.

Going through a photographer’s portfolio is the best reflection of the work he can do. However, apart from the portfolio make sure that you ask as many questions about the shoot such as his availability, charges for the photoshoot, location etc. You could also ask him if you need to carry any props for complementing your photographs. If you are comfortable with everything, make sure that you book an appointment for the date and time that works for both of you.

The most difficult task of choosing the photographer is how complete. The next step is to decide your looks. Make sure that you look your best. Plan in advance on the type of clothes you would want to wear for the photographs and accessorize them well. You could also discuss with the photographer on what he prefers you to wear for your photoshoot and decide accordingly. There are also some photographers that can provide styling services for a few extra bucks. Check with your photographer if he has any suggestion on the same.wedid-blog-png

Now that you are ready to get shot, decide where you would like to go for your photoshoot. Where you want the picture to be taken depends entirely on what type of photographs you want and the backdrop that will work for that pose. Beaches, resorts, palaces, parks and sometimes even a busy street acts as the perfect place to get the photographs done. You can also ask if your photographer can do two different locations in order to make a difference. Depending on whether you want a romantic photoshoot or a casual one, pick the location that works best.

Wedding is one of the biggest decisions in a lifetime. Pre-wedding photoshoot definitely adds more smiles to your wedding memories. Also, it is a perfect chance to spend some time with your fiancé at a fancy place before the wedding. Therefore, go ahead and plan the photoshoot to have a great time and add great memories too.

Bridal Photographs that should not be missed on the big day

Weddings are the most important event in an individual’s life. It is a much awaited day with lots of worries and happiness. A proper wedding requires proper planning and execution. It is a collaboration of both the families along with a professional wedding photography in Chennai. The bride and the groom want to look their best on their special day and the moment has to be frozen for a timeless journey.

The best shots:

Wedding is a huge gathering of friends and family. It is difficult to get good shots, so there should be a proper planning to achieve this target. First, there should be a proper coordination between the family and the photographer. The photographer should know the family and their taste, the photographer should know the relatives and their importance in the family. Here are some of the best shots that can never be missed:

  • The wedding attire: The wedding attire is chosen after some careful selection. So give some importance to the attire, whether it is a lehenga,kanjeevaram sari or a beautiful gown. Give some character to it and take some candid shots.
  • The various events: Each religion and regions have different customs to practice, they should be given importance. Some events are haldi,sangeet and mehendi
  • The transformation: The transformation of a girl to a princess is a much- awaited event.The girl with the best jewellery and the best makeup looks her best. The photographer can capture the makeover with some emotional touch. The mother and siblings giving some final touch-ups and a sneak peak by an emotional father make for a beautiful photograph.Bridal Photographs that should not be missed on the big day
  • Bridal portraits: The bride is undergoing a lot of emotions from worries to happiness and vice-versa. All these emotions should be captured at the precise moment. The bride should get ready long before the event so that the photographer can take the best portraits in all the freshness.
  • The walk down the aisle: This shot should never be missed, the entrance of the princess for her special event.The proud father walking down the aisle to hand over his pride to another with confidence.
  • The parting: The emotional drama ends with tears and worries. It is time for the daughter of the house to depart from her home to another and time to take up new responsibilities. These moments should be captured with elegance.

The conclusion:

The wedding is an important event, the moments that are gone forever can be reproduced only by the photos. The bride should discuss her likes and dislikes with the photographer so that he can capture the best timely shots. Shots can be improved if there are enough time and patience for it. Just like the beauty of a marriage let the pictures remain in the minds forever.

How To Get The Best Birthday Photos

Kids’ birthday parties are great fun to watch and experience. You can see the immense joy on your kid’s face when everyone sings, and he\she blows the candle. To capture these moments and to remember this special occasion capturing good photos is important. Each birthday is a milestone, and it’s a treasure you will want to look back with fond memories. To capture those funny, tender and joyful moments on photos is difficult for you when compared to professional birthday photographers. Here are a few tips that can help you.


Top tips by best birthday photographers

Pics of prep: First birthday photographers suggest that you take pics of the preparation of the party and the party space. After the venue is decorated and is ready to get visitors its the best time to get some clicks. Many parents prefer to dress the kid in party wear and take pics of the venue before everyone arrives but ensure you don’t tire the kid too much. If you have multiple dresses, you can take pics of the kid in that wear a few days before the event so that your child is not stressed out opines photographers for birthday parties in Chennai.

Go low down and get up high: The kids are little so you will want to get down low to get some exciting photos. You may have to sit, kneel down or even get onto your belly to click them playing or enjoying the party. It is also a good idea to get some overhead shots of everyone at the party. It will be an excellent addition to the album opines birthday photographers in Chennai. You can stand on a table or a chair to get an overview.

Don’t forget to get in: Most often it is seen that the parent clicking the photos is missing, so ensure that you are also in the family picture. Ask your friend or someone to take pictures of you along with your family so that you are also part of the album.

birthday party

Close up pictures: It is essential to get some up-close photos of your baby and everyone else in the party. Having close-up images along with wide-view ones will add more variety to your photo book. You can also send thank you emails with their up-close image; you can also recall all the fond memories of all the friends you and your child had at the first birthday.

Shoot other things too: The first birthday party is not just about the people but also about the effort into decorating the party space. Best birthday photography insist that you should take shots of all the props that give the feeling of the first birthday party. It can also include the food, gifts that are placed on the table, balloons on the floor. A close-up shot of the cake with and without the baby, party banner all make for a good cover photo.

Your child’s first birthday party is excellent fun but ensure you don’t spend all the time taking photos. Enjoy the party, have fun with your kid and if you are always behind the camera you child may get cranky and start crying. So have a good time and enjoy the party.

Photography trends of 2018

Photography trends of 2018Like all other creative fields, every new year brings new trends in photography too. Photography as an art form is making enormous progress, and the recent past has seen a lot of talent being promoted. Due to social media and digital technology, there are lots of innovations in all forms of photography. As the year progresses some new trends are emerging in the photography industry listed below are a few of them.

2018 Photography trends:

Travel photography: Most travelers take photos when they travel to new places or go on a vacation. A camera is a great tool to have to capture the memories and also the place you visit. Travel Photographers take artistic pictures and make even the most ordinary place look fantastic. As people travel more to far off and hidden places, travel photography is a trend that will continue to work its magic both in the commercial as well as the social world.

Colorful is back: Vibrant colors is back by pushing the monochrome to the backseat. Best photographers are those who are making a statement with those vivid colors and making a huge impact using mismatched hues. For a picture to look pleasing the pairing of colors palettes and use a few vibrant colors on a minimalistic image creates a beautiful contrast. A simple photograph can be tweaked to make it appealing to the viewers by adding colour overlays. You can also add a duotone effect by adding a combination shade. There are various editing tools that can help you experiment with the existing content.

Technique Matters: Technique and the thought behind the picture is the flavour of this season. The timelessness of the photograph is favoured along with the quality and the beauty of the image. Trendy photographers in Chennai have gone back to basics and are now creating images that are more real with natural lighting, and with no or minimal post-production editing. The ‘film look’ of the past few years is being overlooked while the focus is more on selective coloring. Technique and timeless photographs will emerge as one of the 2018 photography Trends.


Trends fashion photographers should know

Lighting: Using the light available effectively is an art every fashion photographer has to learn. Best professional fashion photographers manipulate the light that they have to create images that are striking. Also trending is mixed lighting, light patterns that are traditional and lighting that is glaring and harsh is out.

Back to color grading: If the Spring and summer 2018 fashion scene is taken into consideration, color grading has come back to the fore. The peach rose, and gold skin tones are now preferred over the neutral colors.

Mixed media: The popularity of videos are on the rise, and that is majorly due to social media. Photography has been reconfigured with even the leading fashion brands integrating videos with fashion photography. A combination of still and video photography is a big success. Video games that are interactive, cinemagraphs, motion portraits are being used by major fashion brands in conjunction with still photos to make an impact.

Tips For Wedding photography Every Couple Should Know

Tips For Wedding photography Every Couple Should Know

The day of the wedding is one of the most memorable days for any couple. Memories and photographs taken during the marriage are the only things that will last for a very long time. These photographs are what you will remain with you, and so you should ensure that they are the best. Though you plan your wedding is looking into the minor details, the only thing that you are going to remember your wedding is through those pre-wedding photoshoot or post-wedding photoshoot images. Below are a few tips that will guarantee amazing photos.

Artistic wedding photography: Be it traditional or contemporary, Indian weddings are unique. The customs and traditions followed cannot be found anywhere in the world. Professional wedding photographers in Chennai are adept at capturing the most emotional as well as fun moments that occur in these weddings with ease. The artistic photography is traditional as well as classic but yet has touches of fashionable editorial shoots. The photographers have expertise in making your photos look beautiful, romantic and chic.

Pre Wedding photoshoot and Post Wedding photoshoot from the same photographers: Modern wedding photography is unlike early days, there are photos taken before and after the wedding, so choose the same photographer for both as they will then be accountable for all the photoshoots. Also, you can get a better deal when you have the same company doing both shoots. There will be continuity in the photographs, and the style will also be the same and so will be the aesthetics. Plus there will not be any miscommunication in the whole process.

Tips For Wedding photography Every Couple Should KnowReduce the locations: Many candid wedding photographers in Chennai recommend that you reduce the number of places in which you shoot for photos. That will ensure you get enough time for the taking photographs on the day of marriage and you will spend less time commuting between places. Professional wedding photographers in Chennai can create magic in any location as they put to best use their creativity, so even if the area is not great, they can still bring out the best photos.

Make a schedule: A wedding day is quite chaotic, so it is necessary to create a planned program for all the activities. If you have a wedding planner, you should sit and work it out together so that there are a start and end time set for all the tasks like the hair, makeup, etc. You should also plan your photo sessions similarly as they include various sessions like party shoots, sitting for the bride, a season for the groom, sitting for a couple, etc. So it is critical that you stick to the schedule and the timeline to not look stressed.

Hire quality professionals: You should conduct proper research and select the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai, the best makeup professionals, etc. as they can make or break the schedule the couple has in place on the day of the wedding. If the photographer is not experienced, their time taken to capture those photos will be more and lead to a lot of confusion. You can also hire wedding planners or get a list of professionals from the wedding venue too.

Tips From Successful Professional Fashion Photographers

Tips From Successful Professional Fashion Photographers

Fashion photography can be described as a genre of photography that deals with taking photographs of clothing and accessories. Fashion photography is often carried out in an attempt to market these products via magazines, billboards, print ads and so on. These photographs are often shot in exotic locales or with interesting backgrounds to add depth to the photograph or image. According to the best modeling photographers in Chennai, there are several elements that go into making a perfect picture.

Advice From Famous Fashion Photographers

If you are considering to take a plunge into fashion photography, it would be wise to arm yourself with the following tips:

  • Be Authoritative

The fashion photographer needs to be able to guide the model and people on the set to get the shot just right. This involves being authoritative and taking charge as soon as you walk in. If you start showing any signs of anxiety or nervousness, you will not be able to direct the model well enough and it will reflect in the photographs you take as well. One way of being able to stay in charge is by being well organized for the shoot. Make sure that all the props, clothes, accessories, etc. are on the set well ahead of time. According to the best fashion photographers in Chennai, this way you will be able to use all your energy towards planning the shoot and rehearsing techniques as well.

  • Look At The Big Picture

Tips From Successful Professional Fashion Photographers

Many fashion photographers make the mistake of focusing on only a single element of the picture and forgetting about the big picture. You need to remember that all the elements in the picture need to come together for a perfect shot. Make sure that the hairstyling, makeup and the accessories complement the outfit. This way, you can make one element subtle with the other standing out and vice versa. Play around with the elements for a bit before locking down the perfect shot.

  • Fashion Poses

Though it is up to the model to pose for the photograph, it is the duty of the fashion photographer to direct the model. Make sure that you integrate broken down poses to elongate the body length and add a bit of edginess to the photograph as well. Try looking at fashion magazines and online fashion websites to get some inspiration for interesting poses.

  • Add Props

Props are a great way to add a bit of drama to your photographs. A commonly used element is the mirror. This interesting prop helps you get a glimpse of the front as well as the back of your model, making for an interesting picture. However, you need to take care that neither you or the lighting equipment or anything else winds up in the final picture.

Benefits Of Choosing A Modeling Photography Studio

Many fashion photographers prefer to shoot in a studio as it gives them control over the light and shadows. Light plays a critical role in any kind of photography. A light meter can also be used to help you avoid any unwanted shadows from turning up in the final photographs. This way you need not worry about losing natural light and not having enough time to take the perfect photograph.

Corporate Event Photographers Expedite Your Marketing Efforts

Corporate Event Photographers Expedite Your Marketing Efforts

Corporate Photography plays a pivotal role in marketing a brand and formulating a business image. A picture speaks a thousand words on the reputation of the company and the quality of the product. A corporate event photographer in Chennai helps to showcase your products and services in a constructive light. They add color to the event by focusing on the event objectives. Corporate photography can achieve so much in terms of brand awareness where other marketing strategies have miserably failed. They know how to give a human touch to the event by capturing it all right. Whether it is a product launch, conference, awards ceremony, tour of your facility or a marketing campaign, corporate photography matters a lot.

Advantage Of Hiring Professional Photographers

Staying ahead of the competition: Startups and small businesses rely on in-house resources to build a website. They either choose free images on the web or depend on their staff to click some pictures during a corporate gathering. But remember that somewhere your competitor is hiring professional corporate photographers to capture high-quality images for their website, social networking posts and other marketing campaigns. This is where a professional beats a novice. The latter attracts target audience as the image reaches them loud and clear while the former is brushed aside as being ordinary.

Corporate Event Photographers Expedite Your Marketing EffortsImproved networking: Get your brand across to the potential suppliers and associates in style. A professional corporate photographer at the event gives you peace of mind as you stay focused on the core subject instead of deviating to capturing photographs of the event. Hire a photographer to click the most valuable moments using high-end technology while you go around meeting people from the industry to improve your network.

Potential investment: Hiring event photographers in Chennai should be seen as an investment than expenditure. These photographs can turn out to be a productive content for your social networking pages in the coming months. Since these professionals deliver top quality images, it becomes perfect for social media sharing and turns into a conversation starter. Now there will be no shortage of marketing content for several months to come.

Best Photographers Can Give Life to Corporate Events

Pictures can create a powerful statement of your brand. Capturing the essence of the event through the right lenses, under proper lighting and correct exposure, using hi-tech equipment and technology with an eye of an artist can guarantee quality images. Corporate photographers capture multiple images, never leaving out any emotions or personality giving you an opportunity to decide on which is appropriate to enhance your corporate image.

Good photographs can promote the company in the media. It helps to reinforce employee ties and improves staff retention. It leaves a sense of pride in the staff and enhances loyalty among them. The photographs can be used for in-house periodicals, company magazine, website, social media sites and much more. Corporate photographs can be one of the ways to establish your company’s presence in the media and among stakeholders.